Jan 30, 2015

Obama's Black Opposite Could Be Our Next President

Common Sense Commentary: Meet Dr. Ben Carson, a Tea Party Favorite, who is a dyed in the wool Conservative, the opposite of Barack Obama and a real American Constitutionalist. Black people need Dr Carson to help the world see they are more like Patriot, Dr. Carson than they are like Socialist Left Winger, Obama.  Every other American needs him too ... as President, Vice President or at least Secretary of Health, to show the world that most American voters are not so stupid after all, and recognize a good and qualified man for high office. We need dignity, integrity, and wisdom not just another professional, spineless politician like Republicans Boehner and O'Connell or greedy, power mad Democrats like Reid and Pelosi.... or any other Democrat, for that matter. 

Communistic Socialism is not contagious but it is terminal. 

America needs a brain surgeon.... Doctor Ben Carson. RB


This from Breitbart News

At a speech this week at the sold-out South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, conservative hero Dr. Ben Carson shared his important prescription with America.
Beyond the issues of Obama’s tax increases, socialized healthcare, and bigger government, Dr. Carson is focusing like a laser on one thing: ELIMINATING THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (IRS!)

“We need to do something about taxes. There’s no question about that. We have a horrendous tax structure. It’s too complex,” Carson told the convention. “Nobody can comply with it and it’s unfair. We need something that is equally fair across the spectrum for everybody and that means either a flat tax or a fair tax.”
“The important thing is that whatever we come up with, it needs to eliminate the IRS,” added Dr. Carson.

The polling is on Dr. Carson’s side. Approximately 62% of Americans support the flat tax, which would charge everyone the same percentage of tax – regardless of income. This would effectively eliminate the IRS and all the damage their endlessly complicated regulations do to America’s economy. Instead, a fair – and low – tax rate would be collected by the U.S. Treasury.

And from the Huffington Post, this....

With "infallible" polling data in hand, The Huffington Post can declare celebrated neurosurgeon and conservative darling Ben Carson as the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. At least that's according to a new CNN/ORC International poll released Tuesday, which shows Carson topping a stacked list of right-wing favorites and establishment picks alike -- including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and even Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. End

My Comment:

This turn of events is truly stranger than fiction. It seemed impossible that the U.S. would elect a self confessed Socialist Left Winger, who is almost surely a Muslim as well, had no real, meaningful accomplishments, and was probably not even born in the U.S.  Now, after six years of Democrat Obama's presidency of walking all over the U.S. Constitution,  by-passing the Congress by issuing hundreds of Executive Orders, a Tea Party hater, he has destroyed America's image abroad and revved up racial tensions here at home, And now, along comes his black skinned opposite, Doctor Ben  Carson. Dr. Carson a highly accomplished brain surgeon, leader in the field, a Republican, a dyed in the wool Constitutionalist, Outspoken Conservative, a Christian, and a face to face critic of Obama. Dr. Carson is now second to Romney in the polls. How ironic is that?

If Dr. Carson is the Republican nominee, I will vote for him. Obama, Hillary, Bidden, Reid or Pelosi? Not in a million years. There is not a single Democrat I could vote for and there are only a few Republicans. Too bad an Independent, Courageous, Constitutional, Conservative Party Candidate can't be elected. RB

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