Jan 22, 2015

Union Laborers Work & Pay The Price For Their Leaders To Sit, Gripe & Get Rich

Common Sense Commentary: Labor Unions were needed when John L. Lewis was their leader. Now, Labor Union Leaders Lobby, Lounge, Laugh, Loan, Lute  and Lollygag while their dues paying members Labor. Their Leaders keep demanding more and more money and perks from struggling businesses. So the result of Labor Union demands is, more and more of those businesses are moving overseas where the business climate is more friendly. Now, because of the continuous, outrageous demands of the Unions, our American industry has left cities like Detroit, ghost towns and Unions are loosing the power and influence they have had for years. Good riddance. Maybe now, if government will also wake up and stop taxing business to death, we can entice departed businesses back to the U.S. But that will require a Conservative President and Congress. RB

Meet the bosses: Big labor’s top 100 highest paid officials 

By Jason Hart Published September 03, 2014watchdog.org

While unions call for tax and minimum-wage increases to fix “income inequality,” reports to the U.S. Department of Labor reveal 472 union officers and employees were paid more than $250,000 in 2013.

In all, America’s 100 highest-paid union officers and employees received $54.8 million taken from workers last year.

Union officials lived even higher on the hog in fiscal 2013 than the year before, when 428 union officers and employees were paid more than $250,000 and the top 100 received compensation totaling $52.1 million.

The latest list of the 100 highest-paid union bosses is led by employees of the MLB, NBA, and NFL players’ unions — unsurprising, given the prevalence of seven-figure contracts among the professional athletes they represent.

However, dozens of union officers and employees — whose paychecks come from teachers, government workers and blue-collar laborers — are also paid $350,000 or more.


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