May 16, 2015

Obama Plans To Dump Thousands Of Muslims Into The U.S

Common Sense Commentary: Too unthinkably diabolical to be stupidity. Insanity or Satanic Conspiracy is the only explanation for this. RB

Obama Wants to Dump THOUSANDS 

of Muslims in U.S. — US Rep.Trey Gowdy 


From the Political Insider

We all know that President Barack Obama invented the immigration

crisis for political reasons. He wants to import Democrat voters and grow 

the welfare state.
But now, we’re learning that Obama is also eager to import thousands of 

of Muslims into America… some of whom are radicalized and support 

Under the State Department’s U.S. Refugee Admissions Program those 

Muslim refugees come from civil war torn

countries in Africa and the Middle East, such as Syria. And they will end 

up living in parts of Idaho, even though the FBI can’t possibly conduct 

proper background checks on all of them! Other refugees are being 

moved to Spartanburg, S.C. — the home state of conservative hero Rep. 

Trey Gowdy!
Gowdy is not pleased with the Obama administration carelessly putting

residents of South Carolina at risk, and he fired off an angry letter to

Obama’s State Department, demanding the program be put on hold until

these questions are answered:
What state and local officials have been notified and consulted?
When are the first refugees expected to arrive in Spartanburg?
What federal, state, and local benefits are the refugees entitled to receive a) upon designation as a refugee and b) upon resettlement in the Spartanburg area?
How many refugees will be resettled in the Spartanburg area?
How are the refugees chosen to resettle in Spartanburg?
What is the country of origin of each of the refugees to be resettled in the Spartanburg area?
Who is responsible for ensuring housing, employment, and education services for the resettled refugees?
Who is responsible for ensuring resettled refugees maintain employment, as opposed to tracking employment for the first few months after being resettled?
How many of the refugees to be resettled in the Spartanburg area are of the age to attend K–12 schools? Of those, how many need the local government to provide interpreters or teachers who speak the native language of the refugee for the students?
Do any of the refugees to be resettled in the Spartanburg area have criminal convictions? If so, for what crimes has each been convicted?
Please explain the background check process performed on refugees scheduled to be resettled in Spartanburg.
Will this be the only time refugees will be resettled to the Spartanburg area pursuant to the agency’s proposal? Or can additional refugees be resettled pursuant to the proposal?
While Gowdy is furious about this decision, these questions are entirely reasonable. In fact, it is criminally negligent that we don’t already have the the answers to such basic questions already.
Thank you Gowdy for fighting to keep America safe and securing our borders!

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