May 29, 2015

So Now Our Leaders Are Blaming "Our Leaders" As If It's Someone Else

Common Sense Commentary: When the  International Monetary Fund (IMF), the most powerful entity in the Banking World which in turn is the most powerful entity in the whole world, starts quoting Thomas Jefferson, you know the world is in huge trouble. Especially since they have been one of the prime contributors to the financial mess the world is in. It reminds me of the inmate in a lunatic asylum who, in his mental delirium, screamed at his doctors, "You crazy people are driving me cracy". What was the IMF's quote of Jefferson? "We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt"... as if it's not already done and way past remedy. It's a bad sign when our leaders start blaming our leaders and try to distance themselves from themselves. Talk about adding confusion to confusion to confuse a confused electorate. I once heard a little kid scream at his mother, "If you not make me mad I not wet you ole diaper anyway".

Yes, folks, when our best and brightest, top level, cream of the crop politicians, presidents, and the whole "world class" leadership look up above  themselves, to find someone to blame, and see nobody between them and God, they either blame Him or Yahoodi or "THEY"...whoever that is. RB

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