May 13, 2015

Texas Cop With A 45 Pistol Shot Two Muslim Terrorists, In Body Armor, Firing Automatic Rifles At Him

Common Sense Commentary: Truth is stranger than fiction. Two head shots at that distance while being shot at by heavily armed Muslim Terrorists in body armor, is a story which strikes horror and doubt in the minds of these religious fanatics who murder harmless and innocent men, women and children, in the name of their god, Allah for no reason but blood lust. So maybe they were trying to win a free ticket to their heavenly illusion of 53 virgins and eternal ecstasy. Well this old (60) Texas Cop gave them their ticket, punched it and sent them where the sun don't shine and where 53 million perverts have anxiously received them with experiences they never dreamt of, for an eternity of vile torment. It would be futile to pray for God to have mercy on their depraved, lost souls. It's too late for that. Their eternal destiny is signed, sealed and delivered. I pray for nothing for these wicked, Muslim Mass murderers except repentance to Jehovah God and belief in Jesus Christ as Savior, for deliverance from their evil darkness.

Breaking: How One Hero Texas Cop With a .45-cal Glock Took Out Two Gunmen With Rifles, Body Armor

Breaking: How One Hero Texas Cop With a .45-cal Glock Took Out Two Gunmen With Rifles, Body Armor
How refreshing to see a story that praises heroes like this Garland, TX police officer… reports: Without warning, a Garland, Texas, police officer found himself taking heavy fire from two suspected terrorists with semi-automatic rifles and “protective gear” outside a free speech event on Sunday. The brave cop is being hailed a hero after he neutralized both suspects using only his .45-caliber duty pistol, undoubtedly saving lives.
Other than the two suspects, identified as Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson, no one was killed. A Garland ISD security officer was shot in the ankle, but was treated and released from the hospital late Sunday night.
Simpson reportedly linked himself to the Islamic State in tweets. Police said they are still investigating both suspects’ links to terrorism.
So, how did he do it? CNN put together a short animated reenactment of the gunfight:

Garland police spokesman Joe Harn said the officer “did what he was trained to do,” though some believe he also had some luck.
Despite taking heavy fire from the gunmen’s powerful rifles, the officer wasn’t hit a single time. A Texas police academy instructor told KTVT-TV that the rounds being fired at him likely would have penetrated his body armor. And if the officer was unable to stop the gunmen, it could’ve been a much different, more tragic story.
But it’s undeniable that the officer’s “very brave and quick thinking” ultimately resulted in him taking out the attackers with some accurate shooting.
Roughly 15 seconds after opening fire on the officers, both suspects were down courtesy of the hero cop’s .45-caliber Glock.
“There’s no doubt that he saved lives,” Harn said.

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Ron Blair said...

More proof........"a good guy with a gun is the answer to a bad guy with a gun"!