May 5, 2015

You May Catch A Guilty Rat, In Your Kitchen, One Time Out Of Twenty Crimes

Common Sense Commentary: Statistics show that on the average, a criminal is usually caught just once out of twenty crimes. So, on that twentieth time .... do the right thing.... convict him and incarcerate him to save another twenty families from being victimized before he is caught again... if he ever is.

Bullies, hard cases and potential serial killers always manage to "look" harmless and completely innocent ... after the fact of their mischief and apprehension. They argue loudly that they are the victims, are innocent and even  whine and cry to prove it. With expressions of outrage, they swear on their dead grandmother's grave they didn't do anything wrong ... when they have pockets full of crack, weed, drug pipes, stolen credit cards and a stolen  hand-gun. Their mothers convincingly insist, "He is a good boy". The news media usually takes up the cry ... "Local Boy Attacked By Armed Homeowner".  The 18 year old criminal's neighborhood comes out in mass without knowing the facts or caring. One of their own was shot defending himself from a homeowner in an "upper-class neighborhood" across town. Even the President speaks up against the police. So, of course, the home invader's public defender brings him to court looking like a successful insurance salesman or CEO... with a fresh bath, shaggy hair is now "Military cut", baggy britches replaced with a brand new suit, white shirt and tie. He now looks like every mother's ideal choice as their daughter's perfect, loving husband. Then ... the jury turns him loose because "He didn't look like a criminal". So, twenty more families will have to be robbed, mugged, beaten, raped or killed before justice gets another shot at him.

Out of control drug use could have been stopped back when it first raised its ugly head, but Liberal Judges, and shameless politicians wouldn't put a stop to it ... when it was a small problem and could have been dealt with. Now, it is so widespread, some states are legalizing it. The vast majority of crimes today are related to illegal  drugs because the politicians would't put a stop to it when they could have.  In the final analysis, the voting public is responsible. We have the power to vote them in or vote them out .... if we just would. RB

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