Aug 8, 2015

An Important Driving Skill For The Intelligent Young

Common Sense Commentary: Eighty-four years of experience have taught this old preacher a few things which I would like to share with my young readers .... This blog came to me today when a car full of girls passed me driving through heavy traffic at about 80 in a 60 mile an hour zone. The friends you choose to "hang" with had better have some premature wisdom because "hanging" with the wrong friends is often terminal. Your friends define your own level of  wisdom or vulnerability to their faults, failures or ignorance. If you choose wild and woolly friends, their effect upon you is rather like you choosing to drive your self to where you are going on the busiest, most dangerous highway in the city. You may have chosen that way for the challenge, thrill or by error. But you didn't go that way to "die dead" in a wreck or be handicapped for life  and neither did those driving within inches of you at 70 or 80 miles an hour. But those things tend to show up at the scene of the accident with lots of twisted steel, gasoline, blood, crushed flesh, teeth and broken bones.

Besides learning to be a good, careful driver, the next most important driving skill, which takes longer to learn, is defensive driving. Choosing friends to drive alongside of, in life, also requires some defensive choices. You see, those thousands of drivers on all sides of you vary from experts to idiots. When you are driving among them, never forget this fact. That very close, daring, and dangerous, or drug induced, handsome or pretty driver next to you can quickly take you out .... and I don't to lunch. And you may not be ready to go there so soon, so young, so permanent. RB

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