Aug 2, 2015

The "gods" Are Crazy,

Common Sense Commentary: "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"  Psm.11:3.

Political Correctness has gone to seed in the land of the spree and home of the knave from sea to shinning sea. A Six year old boy is punished for saying his teacher is cute. A High school girl cannot take an aspirin without her parents consent but she can have an abortion without it. "Gay" no longer means happily effervescent but homosexual. Virgin no longer means sexually pure but a frigid wallflower who thinks shes better than others.
Being plain spoken, telling it like it is and not mincing words is no longer an attribute of honesty and integrity but an act of antisocial behavior to be avoided, condemned and punished.

Universities and colleges are loosening up on moral expectations and tightening up on total equality of vocabulary, accomplishment, thought and sexuality. They want to turn out a commonality of robot zombies who think, speak and act alike so there will be no conflict, disagreement or hurt feelings. It is brainwashing pure and simple in preparation for ethnic, moral and sexual unity, one people, one purpose, one religion and one world for the "common good". Political Correctness has become our nation's Primary Public Policy. But our Creator made each of us "curiously" different one from another for His own purpose. It is against nature and God's will to pervert who and what a person is in his God given basic personality and freedom of thought.  David addressed our individual human uniqueness in Psm.139:15 "My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought...."  "For who maketh thee to differ from another?" 1 Cor.4:7.

Many years ago I read of an isolated tribe in the deep, inaccessible jungles of South America. In the 1930's a small plane was flying over this tribe's area of habitat. A coke bottle was thrown out of the plane by the passenger or pilot. Below, in the area of this tribes small village, several tribal hunters, with their spears ready, were quietly stalking an animal and asking their god for success, when they heard a "whoosh, plop" right in front of them. Their leader reached down and picked up the coke bottle, the likes of which none of them had ever seen. They all stared in amazement at this strange, greenish, translucent object with a hole in one end, which had just been delivered to them from above. The wide-eyed leader turned the bottle in his hands and whispered "The gods are crazy".  That is what I told our son, Rex, when he sent me the article below.... "The gods are crazy". RB

This from IJReview   BY  

‘American’, ‘Freshman': Among 12 Words That the University of New Hampshire Has Deemed ‘Problematic’

When students arrive on campus at the University of New Hampshire this fall, they’ll be welcomed with a “Bias-Free Language Guide” to help them in their conversations.

Since college campuses have become very concerned with “microaggressions” being committed on their campuses, UNH decided to help their students understand which words might offend others.

But, according to Campus Reform:

The university website encourages readers to understand that the guide “is not a means to censor but rather to create dialogues of inclusion where all of us feel comfortable and welcomed.” A few of the words which are deemed “problematic” are:

American Mothering Fathering Illegal Alien Caucasian Homeless Poor person Obese Overweight Healthy Orientals Freshmen For each category, the University makes recommendations that, for the most part, are much longer and contain multiple words.

Instead of “poor person,” for instance, the student should say “person who lacks advantages that others have.” Mothering and fathering are frowned upon because they advance gender stereotypes. Instead, one should use “parenting” or “nurturing” because they describe the behavior.

“European-American individuals” is the favored term over “Caucasian.” And instead of “healthy,” use “non-disabled individual.”

The purpose is to:

“…not stereotype or demean people based on personal characteristics.” Students will be able to access the university’s 4,750-word web page to easily understand which words they are supposed to use when conversing with their peers.

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