Aug 25, 2015

Detroit, Face The Inconvenient Truth About Your Fall

The system of government you voted for and loved because it gave you everything you demanded ... destroyed your city. So now you blame the people you voted into your city's government, or you blame the car companies your unions crippled or the Nation for not bailing you out of the mess you and your unions created. If you don't admit the truth and learn from your mistakes, you will have chosen to suffer a double tragedy... The terrible loss of your thriving city and loss of an important lesson. Suffering without learning anything.

Free stuff is a farce. Nothing is free; someone paid for it; if not you, the taxpayers your government took it away from. Free stuff from the government may appear to work for a time; you may even think it is a blessing from God, but it is a curse. Socialism's free stuff steals people's honor, dignity, self reliance, pride and will to work for it. Free stuff is not worth the price those who receive it always pay. It is a law of God established to motivate us to work and keep us honest, that we all reap what we sow. However long it takes.

The city of Detroit is a harbinger, a first example of what states like California, and the U.S. itself, have created for themselves and will also come to ruin ... and then those who created the problem will blame those who fought it and warned the country about it all along the way. The irony is ... unredeemed human nature has always inclined to blame someone else for their own miserable failures. Adam did it, Eve did it and even the devil did it ... but who did their Creator blame?  All three of them, and they all suffered for their failures and sins. So shall we.

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Rex Blair said...

The grim reaper is coming, guaranteed, unless God comes first.
We've earned it. How?
One simple word. "Selfishness" not "selflessness"