May 10, 2016

No Ship Can Carry 10,000 Of Those Huge Shipping Containers

That's impossible... It can't happen ... Its an exaggeration. Just the facts folks

Common Sense Commentary: Someone asked me, concerning my last blog, if my assessment of the U.S. economy and debt weren't an exaggeration like my statement about a container ship carrying 10,000 shipping containers. In case you are interested, France has now built a ship which can carry nearly 18,000 of them. Though these particular shipping containers are 20X8X8 feet, they also come in 40X8X8. You see these shipping containers on flat-bed train cars and being pulled down our highways on trucks. The 40 foot ones are about the size of a 16 wheeler trailer. A revealing fact is why these shipping companies would start building these huge ships when world imports and exports are falling rapidly. The one described above only made two trips across the Pacific to California before the company ceased to make that trip for lack of demand. You would think the shipping executives would have seen this coming ... Even I did. These same types of visionless, thoughtless elitists are running the world.... into the ground.

This from the Wall Street Journal
May 9, 2016 by Erika Phillips

Record-Breaking Container Ship 

Ends Brief U.S. Service

CMA CGM’s Benjamin Franklin was the largest container ship to call at a U.S. port when it stopped in Ls Angeles in December. But a weak market quickly led the shipping line to stop running such large ships across the Pacific. The Benjamin Franklin can carry nearly 18,000 twenty-foot shipping containers, or TEUs, marking a capacity record when it docked at the Port of Los Angeles late last year. (See picture of this ship and read entire article at this link)

Final Comment:
I'm afraid Wall Street, the News Media, our politicians and President are blind to the calamity about to befall the world and our own country. But they are spending more $billions than ever, giving it away to other countries and begging people here to sign up for free money, free services and a long menu of other free stuff. This insanity or stupidity or conspiracy will not last much longer. Reality is at hand. RB

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