May 9, 2016

So When Either Hillary Or Trump Wins ... What Will They Have Won?

Winning this race will be a bitter victory

Common Sense Commentary: If Hillary wins, she will have won what she and her fellow Socialist Democrats have created .... not a can, bucket or barrel of worms, but a ship load. Yes, she will get to appoint 3 or 4 liberal supreme court Justices, and carry her superiority for a time ... but that is the only victory the Socialists will get. Everything else on this ship load of unsolvable problems, crisis, rotting cargo, non-paying passengers, and over worked deck hands, will be sinking. Hilary will have to declare Marshall Law, a Dictatorship, or her entire government will have to resign. That probably means short britches Socialist Bernie Sanders will double down on his losing hand, in the ship's casino, and speed up the sinking. By that time no other Democrat will want the job of trying to save what they have scuttled. They may even hold their first Socialist prayer meeting in the Oval Office asking God to please give the football to Trump or Cruz. If either of them is dumb enough or patriotic enough to take charge of a sinking ship without lifeboats, he will have to run her aground and spend a lifetime refurbishing the USS America.

On the other hand, if Trump wins and takes the helm of this overloaded sinking ship of state, full of worms, which he had little or nothing to do with creating... but must save the ship .... he will need to employ all the longshoremen in North America to deep six dump all those 10,000 Mobile Modular Containers of worms off the main deck. Then raise and off-load below decks cargo holds of  $19 Trillion tons of more dead worms. After that Trump will have to pump the rusty old ship full of hot air to keep her afloat. Then every cubic inch of the ship must be steam cleaned and fumigated of all the Liberal Socialist accumulation of crud
 .... entitlements, fiscal corruption, false hope and evil change ... before any real restoration is possible. All of this while trying to deal with an unfriendly Congress, a Leftest Supreme Court, an angry populace and no money. So either way, whoever is elected to solve our national dilemma .... and save the ship ... but can't, will inherit all the blame and go down in history as the worst President ever .... even worse than Obama, who put a golden capstone on the mess. But he will be comfortably retired in Hawaii, or Mecca or his native land ... wherever that may be.... Or he may have been elevated to head the United Nations to give the world some of his hope and change. He now has exactly eight years of experience at running something  ... down ... and may be just the man world leaders are looking for to lead the world to Liberal Glory Land.

Just one of the "Black Swan" problems which will defeat our next President  was Head Lined as the Cover Story of last months Time Magazine. The cover was blood red with huge black letters shouting at the reader a long developing tragedy they seem to have just discovered. It said this ....

        You Owe  $42,998.12

That's what every American man, woman and child would need to erase the $13.9 trillion U.S. debt ....
Make America Solvent Again By James Grant

At $43,000 per person, a family of five owes $215,000 of the national debt.

I know that headline showing $13.9 trillion of borrowed money debt has a tithe of truth in it, but the other 90 % Time didn't mention is another $150 Trillion in unfunded liabilities like Social Security etc. That means each of us will have to come of with 10 times more ($420,000) than TIME bothers to mention. You know it is true, if you have bothered to read my blogs and many other Conservative sources. But the Rip Van Winkle Time Magazine seems just to have awakened to the dire straights of our sinking ship and is now screaming in bold print ... "Our ship is sinking" ... but far too late. Where were Time and all the other Liberal magazines, radio and TV news networks when this debt was accumulating over the last years? Where was their "Freedom of the Press" when they could have warned the politicians to balance our national budget? They blindly refused to see, hear or even whisper the truth of where Liberal Politicians and Presidents were sailing our Titanic Ship Of State into an ocean of icebergs, at the midnight hour .... full speed ahead into the dark.

This presumptuous, know it all dereliction of duty of NewsMedia and Politicians reminds me of the radio operator on duty in the radio shake of the Titanic on that freezing night of April 15, 1912. He was busily writing a letter when his radio suddenly crackled alive with an urgent message, from another ship, in Morse Code .... dit da dit dit, da da da, da da da, da dit da ...... da da da, dit dit da, da ..... "LOOK OUT FOR ICEBERGS, LOOK OUT FOR ICEBERGS, LOOK OUT FOR ICEBERGS" . The crazy "alarmist", on the other ship just kept on blasting out the message until finally the radio operator on the Titanic clicked on his key and said ... "Don't bother me I'm busy".  A short time later he was clicking out another message ...
dit dit dit, da da da, dit dit dit ... SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS ... SAVE OUR SOULS, SAVE OUR SOULS ... And he didn't stop until the ship broke in half and sunk with few life boats and few survivors. Why weren't they prepared for such a tragedy ... with sufficient life boats and sufficient caution in the North Atlantic at full speed, in the dark?  Don't you know why? Because it had been declared "The unsinkable ship" ... by experts and leaders ... and they had a speed crossing record to make.

It is recorded in the Encyclopedia Titanica that after the experts had made their public declaration that the Titanic was unsinkable, one of the boarding passengers had this exchange with a crew member ...
In Southampton, Sylvia Caldwell asked a porter if the ship was really unsinkable. He said something like "Yes mum, God Himself could not sink this ship." Sylvia survived... The porter did not.

So how does that relate to the USS America? If you don't know. don't worry about it. Go back to sleep. But first check with God to be sure you have a lifeboat. RB

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