May 1, 2016

Our America ... We Have All Reached A Dangerous Bend In The River

Common Sense Commentary: Life, as time and the future, is uncertain and

changing constantly. Heraclitus supposedly said it first, in these words .......

"The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” The quote itself has endured many 

changes. The most common of the changes is, "The only thing that never changes 

is change itself". From the beginning of time, as we understand it, time has been 

and is like a river of change. Each moment is different from the previous moment 

and the next is different still and though the river channel changes only slowly, the 

water changes rapidly. Time is like that flowing river. Life, itself, is like a river of 

water. We are all passing , as time passes, from the unchangeable past into the ever 

changing future ... forward toward our destiny. Every historical time and people, 

from Adam and Eve to this moment and this world of seven billion people, is 

changing. History is a record of change. America is no exception. America has 

reached a radical bend in our river where much disturbance, erosion and conflict 

tears at the land with destructive force. The river cannot stop or go back to calmer, 

peaceful days. We are being rapidly carried, hurled into the bend, into the 

future, into the change. I don't like it any better than you do, but it is what it is ... a 

fact of life, and we must face it, head-on and use our wits and strength, prayer and 

faith that we might survive the crisis change in these dangerous waters. We must 

do our part of the rowing around the snags, under water hazards, rapids ... and  

live to see around the bend and rescue those who are capsized and drowning in the 

turmoil. Who knows: it could be we are nearing river's end and are rapidly 

approaching the greatest change of all ...  the open sea of eternity future. RB

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