May 20, 2016

On Changing Presidential Horses In The Middle Of The Scream

Common Sense Commentary: A person who, when faced with new information,
unexpected obstacles or circumstances, will not change their course of action to a goal, is a vainly proud, intransigent fool unless called of God to sacrifice themselves on a brick wall or into a bottomless pit. RB

The various powers in this Race for the Presidency have entered two Democrats, 17 Republicans and several hundred (literally) third party and Independent Party candidates. Why any of them would want the job, at this point, beats me. But ....we are all in the bleachers, our bets are down, the starting shot was fired and the race is half way around the track. All the entrants, except three, have either exited, are totally unknown, or died on the turn and left in the dust. All bets are lost except those on one of  these three, Strawberry Roan out of the Trump stables, Old Witchill of the Clinton stables, and Crazy Commie Bernie of the Sanders stables.These three equestrian front runners are neck to neck to tail still running to win it all, no "also rans", no place, no show, just "win" or "lose".

Those in the crowd with losing tickets are booing, boo hooing, or leaving the event in disgust ... but those race fans who still hold tickets on Strawberry Roan, Old Witchill or Crazy Commie are still screaming fanatically for their horse.
Strawberry Roan is a fast running, unpredictable, untested, billion dollar stallion with a funny looking mane, who hates the bit, bridle and saddle. His actions are more like a maverick Mustang in mating season, than a thoroughbred. Old Witchill is a political night-mare sired by a politician, bred to a politician and is the highly favored and disfavored quintessential insider politician. She has run and won political races in Arkansas, Washington and New York with three big losses ... World Diplomacy. Benghazi Betrayal, and Top Secret Criminality. Now, with that triple crown and triple failure, as Secretary of State, she feels entitled to the capstone crown as "Equister Queen of America".

Crazy Commie is running erratically on the far left ... neck and neck and tail with the other two horses. This bandy legged hybrid Zebra, unexpectedly still in the race, is running just behind Witchill with his teeth clamped solidly on her tail. Witchill is eyeballing Strawberry with her right eye and Crazy Commie with her far left eye expecting to be tripped up by her half brother, Crazy Commie, at any moment. He hates his sister because she is a real thoroughbred gray Democrat donkey without his stripes while he is a true, wild eyed, Commie Zebra. So the crowd still in the stands are standing, jumping squeezing their tickets and screaming... "Run Bernie Run", "Go Hill Go", "Stomp em Trump Stomp em".

You may say you now "have no horse in this race" since your choice came up lame, but that makes no horse sense. If we don't root for that "horse of a different color", Strawberry Roan, we are automatically going to give the race to that red eyed Witchill or Crazy Commie Bernie. Since God did not see fit to intervene for Cruz ... or your first choice, all He has left us with, to the right of the other two lefties, is Strawberry Roan. So with my horse, Cruz, out of the race, I am changing horses in the middle of the scream, and you know it isn't Old Witchill or Crazy Commie. Not to switch is to hit a brick wall in the back of the stall.... and to lose it all.

If we don't elect this maverick, Strawberry Roan horse, who is at least a horse, we are going to get one or both of these Democrat donkeys, one plain grey and mean, the other a wild eyed Commie Zebra. RB

Trump's list of potential Supreme Court Justices goes a long way in neutralizing a lot of his strong Republican and Constitutionalist opponents. That is why he put the list out there prematurely. It shows the man's intelligence and good choice of advisers, in spite of his loud mouth and exaggerations.  I will vote for him because he is the only rational adult choice... not because I like him. RB

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