Aug 19, 2016

Cops Are Not The Problem ...Parental Dereliction Produces Derelict Offspring

With A Total Absence Of  Morality

Common Sense Commentary: Cops are not the problem in this country. Parental dereliction of God given responsibility by an entitlement obsessed generation of lazy, drug absorbed, licentious, uninhibited, cop hating, Socialists is the problem.
In a word, the problem is the absence of Christ and presence of the Satan in the lives of these lawless, screaming, burning and drug addicted, cop killing mobs.
Even as darkness is nothing but the absence of light, evil is the absence of Christ.
Where Jesus Christ dwells, evil and corruption are discomfited and forced to flee. Light and darkness cannot co-inhabit  the same soul for long.  It is called conversion. Jesus Christ is the only answer to America's corrupted condition. It is high time for all red, white and blue, hard working, tax paying, solid Patriots, Christians and self respecting Americans to take back our country from the idiots. RB

From FOX News

Officer befriends boy trying to sell teddy bear for food

A southwest Ohio police officer has befriended a 7-year-old boy police say was trying to sell a teddy bear to buy food.

Responding to a call about a young boy alone on the streets, Franklin officer Steve Dunham found him last weekend in front of a drug store. He told the officer he hadn't eaten for several days.
Dunham took him to a restaurant to eat. Other officers went to the home and police say they found four older boys living amid garbage and cat urine.
Children services authorities have placed the children with other relatives. Their parents pleaded not guilty to five counts each of child endangering and are due in court next month.
Dunham says he checked in on the boy, who playfully jumped out to scare him.
99% of cops are good guys. Here is one who will never be forgotten by this boy, whose life is now probably aimed at being a cop himself or at least will show great regard for law enforcement officers. God bless his little heart and this cops big heart. RB

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