Aug 10, 2016

Two Pagan Politicians; One Enslaved The Jews; The Other Restored Them

Nebuchadnezzar Clinton and Cyrus Trump

Common Sense Commentary: There is a common misconception among many Christians concerning the grubby business of politics. It is this, that we should only vote for Christians to political office. Well, if that was always God's will, Cruz would have won the Republican nomination, but he didn't. So how can God use a Trump or Clinton to accomplish His will? If Clinton is elected, the obvious purpose of God would be to chastise America for our sinful ways, as he also used Nebuchadnezzar to enslave and chastise His (God's) people, the Jews and carry away the treasures of Jerusalem. God could, if He so chooses, use Trump as He used King Cyrus, another pagan king, who delivered the Jews from their bondage, had the Jerusalem walls rebuilt and restored the Temple treasures. "Blessed be the LORD God of our fathers, which hath put such a thing as this in the king's heart, to beautify the house of the LORD which is in Jerusalem." Ezra 7:27. 

So would you Conservative, Christian Americans rather have General George Patton, a worldly man, but expert in combat and leadership, or Bill/Hillary Clinton or Billy Graham as President if World War III breaks out against China and Russia ... or to deal with Muslim terrorists for the foreseeable future? (Thanks to my son Ron for the illustration).

We had a great Chaplin in the battle of Chosin Reservoir in North Korea during the winter of 1950-51. There wasn't a single Marine in 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment that didn't appreciate and admire that wonderful Christian man. We all felt a similar love and respect for those heroic Corpsmen (Medics) who drug our wounded bodies out of the enemy's line of fire in 30 below zero cold, into a hospital tent with an oil stove. I will always have a huge admiration for the Chaplin, the Corpsmen and the combat Marines pulling the triggers. But I wouldn't have wanted any one of them running the Regiment, developing battle tactics, defensive strategy, giving the orders, and guiding the entire Regiment in combat to destroy the enemy before they destroyed us. As terrific as all of those men were, at their jobs, and some of them were great Christians, I wouldn't have wanted any of them as Regimental Commander in place of the one we had. He was a cursing, hard nosed, never give up, Marine's Marine ... Colonel Chesty Puller, who led us in one of the greatest battles in military history and got most of us out alive. I doubt that Col. Puller could quote a single Bible verse and obviously wasn't a Christian at the time... But he was God's man of the hour to help turn the tide of Atheistic Communism which was then sweeping across the whole world ... until that battle turned them back and saved South Korea... which is now 25% Christian. God used a lot of very worldly men and a few Christians to accomplish that historical event. Leading us were WWII officers and non-coms who fought and won the dozens of island battles in the South Pacific and knew the art of war, but few were great Christians if Christians at all.

I would also rather have a Muslim Cardiologist  than the finest Christian Mechanic in America to perform open heart surgery on me.

God has often used such men for His own purposes. When God's people, the Jews, were defeated and taken as slaves into Babylon by the pagan king, Nebuchadnezzar, they didn't understand it, but God was using Nebuchadnezzar as an instrument of His divine plan for His people. Later when King Cyrus, whose religion was Zoroastrianism, began to rule in Babylon, God used him to rebuild the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and set the Jews free. So don't think, and our Constitution does not require it, that all our political leaders and Presidents have to be Christians. God can use unsaved leaders to do His will without them even knowing it. He can also "confuse their counsel" and thereby accomplish His divine will no matter who sits on the throne of political power. So vote for Queen Nebuchadnezzar Clinton if you want slavery and punishment or for King Cyrus Trump for a better chance that God will use him to make America great again.
King Nebuchadnezzar will not do it .... King Cyrus may. I wouldn't have either of them as my Pastor, but I would gladly take Cyrus over Nebuchadnezzar as my President.

"The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will." Prov.21:1. 

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