Aug 4, 2016

Why This War Of Islamists Against Christians And Jews ?

It Is Basically A Continuation
Of The Battle Of The Ages....
Satan Against God

Common Sense Commentary: The exact reason President Obama, Hillary, most Democrat Congressmen, and Liberals in general, are so intent on bringing tens of thousands of Muslims into our country is a mystery to most Americans. It is not an accident of history that the same thing is happening all over Europe. Those leaders responsible for the economic, immigration and spiritual crises may think it is humanitarian or to bring in young workers and tax payers to fill out the absence of youth due to years of aborting a generation of babies. But the real reason behind this "Open Doors Invasion" of Muslims into the free world nations is not humanitarianism or replacement of young, tax paying workers. The amoral Politicians may think that, but Satan has a different reason. His reason is to neutralize what is generally thought of as the "Christian world", full of churches and freedom. The political turmoil boiling over all over the European Union, and in America, is also the work of Satan in that neutralizing process. The people of Europe and America are being beaten down, worn out, neutralized and prepared to accept the "remedies of hope" upon which the  Anti-Christ will slip into power as savior.

The Liberal argument that the blatant, bitter terrorism exploding all over Europe and America (by violent people shouting Allah Akbar, meaning "God Is Greater" than Jehovah, the God of Christians and Jews) are not representing the religion of Mohammed, Islam, is indeed asinine (extremely stupid).  You blind Democrats (Gentile and Jew) had better wake up and co-operate with the Christians and the Jews in Israel, to save our two nations and our freedom. Just because this world crisis is prophesied does not give us a pass from our responsibility to war against it.

This is not about 95% of Muslims being terrorists, but about 95% of terrorists being muslim.

Here is the official voice of ISIS (Islamic State) openly declaring itself the voice of Islam. I will not further comment because it speaks for itself very clearly.

From Express Daily In UK

BREAK THE CROSS: Vile ISIS propaganda mag calls on jihadis to DESTROY Christianity

ISLAMIC State jihadis have urged followers of the twisted death cult to destroy "arrogant Christian disbelievers", calling on Muslims to "pray for Allah's curse to be upon the liars"

The terrorists' latest rambling propaganda magazine contains a warning for Christians and Jews.The article also warns those in the West that the "war against Islam will neither succeed nor benefit you. You will fail because you fight against those who have allied with Allah."

It continues: "Do you claim that Jews and Christians follow the right religion and that they will enter the kingdom of heaven? There is no proof for this."

And it highlights ISIS-inspired massacres in the US, including in Orlando and California, calling those who carried out the killings "knights". "You will be crushed by ISIS".

The claims predicting the end for Christianity follow a string of attacks across Europe celebrated by the barbaric militia group.

Dabiq, the militants' online mouthpiece, encourages Christians to "break the cross" before offering them two options: risk death in a "futile" war against ISIS or convert to Islam and "enter the Gardens of Paradise".
The article states: "[Christians] have the option of trying to cling to the transient luxuries of this life, rejecting the truth in favour of either paying jizyah [tax] to the Islamic State or continuing to wage a futile war against it.
"Alternatively, they can heed the warning of Allah that the worldly life is not guaranteed even for those who pursue it at the expense of their salvation, and thus choose to embrace Islam, champion the truth, attain the mercy of their Lord, and enter the Gardens of Paradise."
The latest edition of Dabiq - the 15th to be released by the group - contains several disturbing images of beheadings and stonings, as well as violent calls to arms against the US and its allies.
The authors also claim recent attacks in Western cities "make complete sense" as a punishment for insulting the prophet, burning the Koran and waging war against the so-called caliphate.
They write: "An act of senseless violence? One would think that the average Westerner, by now, would have abandoned the tired claim that the actions of the mujahidin - who have repeatedly stated their goals, intentions, and motivations - don't make sense.
"The only thing senseless would be for there to be no violent, fierce retaliation in the first place!"
In an interview with a fighter referred to as Abu Sa'd at-Trinidadi, a former Christian from Trinidad and Tobago who converted to Islam, the group's followers are sickeningly encouraged to "follow the example of the lions in France and Belgium, the example of the blessed couple in California, and the examples of the knights in Orlando and Nice".
Deadly attacks in those cities cost the lives of hundreds of innocent people.
A photo of the White House illuminated in the rainbow flag for pride is also accompanied with the caption branding the US president a "sodomite".

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