May 28, 2017

My Memorial Day Is Of Those Who Died In "My War"

Common Sense Commentary: My Worst part of that war was a two-week battle, night and day, 30 to 40 below zero, in North Korea, just below Russian Siberia, near Manchuria, China. It was fought at the frozen Chosin Reservoir by the First Marine Division, a single Company of British Commandos and a contingent of Army soldiers plus a few South Korean soldiers, Navy Corpsmen (Marine medics) and airmen. Of 12,000 of us, we lost over 3000 KIA in that one 2 week battle. We who survived are known as the Frozen Chosin Few. 120,000 Chinese Communist soldiers surrounded our 12,000 ... of which there are only about 1,200 still living. Below is a Utube video of the Battle Of Chosin Reservoir ... My war ... of which the explosions still reverberate, the cold, hunger, weariness, and fear still debilitate, and the memories flare up within me ... after 67 years. Though I buried it deep within me for half a century, it is as much a part of me as my name, my identity, my consciousness.  This utube in memory of my friends, Jim Story and Don Henderson, and the 54,000 Americans who died in that far away nation to preserve freedom from Communism. RB ?v=kH-xJxBNuVM

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