May 27, 2017

Pitiful: Old Age Desperately Seeking Back Its Lost Youth

Common Sense Commentary: If there ever was a pitiful, lost cause, it is an old, wrinkled, faltering body, whose young mind hates old age and is miserably struggling to regain its youth, with no concern for gaining eternal life through faith in Christ. That is not only a lost cause but a wasted, lost life. Aging, in this world, is as inevitable as a passing day's sunset followed by night. That cannot be reversed, but what really matters is, not continuing life in this old body, forever, but sunrise in the morning with a new, sinless, eternally healthy, young and glorified body. Yes, I too will live as long as I possibly can in this one. It is not normal to want to die before God's time. But the moment I awaken in a glorified body and mind, I will surely say of this old, worn out one... "Good riddance". To me, nothing I can think of, short of going to hell, would be as undesirable as having to live forever or a thousand years, or even 150 years in an old fleshly, sin-inclined body. No thank you, Lord.

That said, it is important to keep the body we are now attached to, healthy as long as possible, to better serve our Lord. That, of course, requires eating right, sleeping well, enough exercise and thinking good thoughts. Actually, those good things can be overdone. One can eat too much good food, sleep too much, exercise too much, and even naively think well of evil as if everyone means well and there is never a time to fight. 

God's universe is perfectly balanced, as God, Himself is balanced on the pivot point of truth. Balance is essential in all things. So, Christians should moderate their excesses, control their appetites, 
and avoid extremes which are out of focus on absolute truth.

Toward that end, be content and function rightly in whatsoever situation you find yourself. As the Apostle Paul said "...  I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Phil.4:11.
Being "content" does not mean remaining in a bad situation which you can change for the better. But, if you cannot change the situation, don't give up and quit or get depressed or discouraged with your lot in life ... but be content and at peace with God regardless of obstacles.  That also relates to one's age. Every age in life should be lived to the fullest and accepted as God's order of things. Whether it be childhood or old age. Since I am nearer 90 than 80, I can tell you that every age I lived had its positives and negatives, benefits and liabilities. Honestly, I would not trade my age to be a young man again. Yes, there are negatives with being old, but there are also positives which no other age had. I won't go into them, but believe me, I've been in them all ... except over 100. I would not go back, nor would I trade lives with anyone else.

So those of you younger than I, don't worry about getting old. It beats the alternative and, in many ways, it ain't half bad. However, I would like to have some new legs. These have a lifetime of abuse. RB

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