May 25, 2017

When You Get Old...Better Be Either Rich Or Loved

Common Sense Commentary: Though being loved is better than being rich, being loved by just one or two people, usually, a spouse or a child isn't enough for them to supply all of their own needs and your's too. And, if you aren't rich, neither is your spouse. So, when you are too old to take care of yourself, and friends or relatives who love you are in the same shape as you are, all that is left is to either have a millionaire child or a bunch of well off children, or, God forbid, a strong, reliable Uncle Sam who has no great debt obligations. But, when your Uncle Sam is, himself, 200 Trillion dollars in debt and unfunded liabilities and about to go bankrupt, you can't really depend on him either. So, my point is, get in, and stay in a prayerful mode, soak up God's word, grow in grace enough to trust Him and be a good steward of what He has given you. Which means, stop wasting your money on stupid, unneeded, junk and anything else except necessities. The other option is, you will one day soon awaken in an old body and think some stranger is looking at you through the window ... when you look in the mirror to shave or comb your bald head. You may think everything is well with you, but that person in the mirror looks stricken with poverty and headed for what we used to call "the poor house". 

To compound the problem of supporting yourself when you can no longer work, our rich, lavishly cared for, politicians have arranged it so that your retirement savings earn about 1% interest. Therefore, the day you retire, you will be spending down your savings principle which will quickly drain down to nothing. That too is a situation which has forced a lot of old people to invest in high-risk bonds or stock which is like having a time-bomb, floating in corrosive acid, in your investment portfolio.

The only remedy to being old and poor and not loved very much is kind of like being in spiritual hospice care. That is, being so close to God, that His Holy Spirit administers pain relief and keeps you comfortable as you slip out of this old tired, poor, unloved body ... into His glorious presence. The assurance, of which, is really the best investment you ever made. That is far better than being rich or even loved by physically limited, also dying, human beings ..... whoever they might be. But even worse is trusting your bankrupt Uncle Sam to give two hoots in hell about you ... except if you vote for him just before you pass on to your eternal reward.... or eternal bankruptcy. Better make an emergency arrangement with Jesus before the rush. RB

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