Oct 21, 2015

Biden Bows Out Of The Line Of Fire Choosing To Be A Critic Not A Target

He has chosen to retreat to the rear.

Common Sense Commentary: The real question here is, "Why, after seeking the presidency twice before, would he now say, I don't want it" even for one term. The answer hinges on the fact that, as Vice President, and second to Obama, he has more inside information of the state of the nation than anyone else.... and doesn't want what he sees and knows. I don't think there is any way the next President or the nation can come out whole. Only God can fix America.... and why should He?

Biden renounced his final opportunity to finally become what he has dreamed of being, with these words....

“While I will not be a candidate I will not be silent,” Biden said Wednesday. “I intend to speak out as much as I can.”

There are three possible reasons why Biden has decided not to run for President. One is the reason he gave when he announced his withdrawal, as a possible candidate. Since yellow dog Democrat politicians never, but never, give a truthful answer to political questions, I have to discount the reason he gave. He knows Hillary is in deep trouble and if he ran, he might win. Anyway, since he twice tried desperately to win it, there are two other more likely possibilities. First is, being at the very heart of  Washington politics, he knows every fact, lie and secret and where every corpse is buried. He cannot help but know the awful mess this country is in and what is boiling beneath the surface, about to explode, and he does not want to be sitting in the oval office, ground zero, when it happens. Second, he also knows the mood of the country and what the Democrat polls are saying about the likelihood of a final, weak swing of voters away from the corrupt, treasonous Democrats over to a Trump, Carson, Rubie or Cruz. Though winning the Presidency at this point is rather like winning a disintegrating, rat, flea, mold and drug addict infested mansion on Detroit's Skid Row that was once a shining white castle on a hill. The only benefit in owning that, now, is a humongous  tax bill and litigation liability.

Therefore, Biden, fearing he might get elected and have to live in that crummy mansion with thieves, prostitutes, drug addicts and assassins of his choosing, he decides he would rather stand on the sidelines and criticize which ever Republican wins the Captain's privilege of going down with the ship of state. My hope is that it will happen before Obama catches the Presidential helicopter ashore and gives it to a Republican for a return trip to the ship.

On a secondary subject, anyone who would want to be president right now is either an all-American, sacrificial  and patriotic saint who sincerely wants to save the nation,  a glutton for punishment, or a power hungry control freak who can't see past his or her narcissistic nose. 

OK, I confess, there must be hope for America when a 22 year old young American girl tells off the cowardly President and tells the whole truth about the mess he has made of our country ... with the help of Congress and the Supreme Court. This young lady, from South Dakota, has the common sense of a Biblical Deborah (Judges 4). When Israel couldn't find a real man of courage and commitment to lead the nation in its defence, no man wanted the job, so they gave it to a woman, Deborah ... the best "man" in the entire nation. She set the example for the men and under her leadership they saved the nation.

Outstanding Video... Its  only a couple of minutes,.YOU HAVE THE TIME!!!
News anchor  (OANN), 22, becomes internet hit.

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