Oct 16, 2015

The Final Answer... In Order Of Magnitude

Today's post follows my latest post on my Salvation Nation Blog, Oct.14, entitled, The Frequency Of Correctness Does Not Matter; Its The Magnitude That Matters. The post below illustrates that post of Oct.14.

Common Sense Commentary: Unsaved men and women often have brilliant, even genius, ideas to balance out their erroneous ones. To think that all non-Christians are ignorant is in itself "ignorant". In fact, there are Christians who are not too bright.... but right on Jesus. Intelligence and faith are neither equal nor conjoined attributes. Faith supersedes intelligence, in magnitude, equal to eternity.... literally.

Doug Casey is super intelligent and super cynical on most of what he believes, though quite right on much of it, which has to do with money. It is that category, of his psyche, which has made him extremely wealthy and world-renowned in financial research.  But, cynic and agnostic, though he is, he is probably correct on much of what he says below. Too bad Doug's "correctness" on monetary, and other secular matters doesn't reach the "magnitude" level of eternal things .... faith, hope, Joy and the love of God.

Doug's title, How To Survive The Deep State is informative but not, in order of magnitude, compared with How To Survive Sin And Death In Eternity. RB

From International Man Communique (In part)

How to Survive the “Deep State”
By Doug Casey
Almost everyone looks for a political solution to problems. However, once a Deep State situation has taken over, only a revolution or a dictatorship can turn it around, and probably only in a small country.
What, you may ask, would I do if I were dictator of the U.S. and had absolutely no regard for my personal safety? Here’s a seven-part program, for entertainment purposes only: (He says this tongue in cheek, but means most of it. RB)
  1. Allow the collapse of all zombie corporations - banks, brokers, insurers, and government contractors. The real wealth they supposedly own will still exist.
  2. Abolish all regulatory agencies. Although Boobus americanus believes they exist to protect him, and that may have been an intention when they were created, they, at best, serve the industries they regulate. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for instance, kills more Americans every year than does the Department of Defense in a typical decade. The SEC, the Swindlers Encouragement Consortium, lulls the average investor into thinking he’s protected. They, and other agencies, extract scores of billions out of the economy to feed useless mouths in return for throwing sand in the gears of the economy.
  3. Abolish the Fed...you need a strong currency to encourage saving. Actually, you don’t need a currency at all. Gold is vastly better as money.
  4. Cut the size of the military by 90% and abolish the Praetorian agencies. In addition to bankrupting the U.S., the military is now a huge domestic danger, even while it’s mainly an instrument for creating enemies abroad.
  5. Sell essentially all U.S. government assets. Although some actually have value, they are all a drain on the economy. For instance, the U.S. Postal Service loses $5 billion a year, and Amtrak lost a total of $1.1 billion last year. The Interstate Highway System, airports and the air-traffic-control system, the 650 million acres of U.S. government land, and many thousands of other assets should all be distributed in shares or sold. This would liberate an immense amount of dead capital. The proceeds could be used to partially satisfy some government obligations.
  6. Eliminate the income tax, as a start, which will be possible if the other six things are done. The economy would boom.
  7. Default on the national debt and contingent liabilities. That’s somewhere between $18 trillion and $200 trillion. There are at least three reasons for that. First is to avoid turning future generations into serfs. Second is to punish those who have enabled the State by lending it money. Third is to make it impossible for the State to borrow in the future, at least for a while.
I like this program from a practical point of view, because when a structure is about to collapse, it’s much wiser to conduct a controlled demolition than to just let it fall when no one expects it.
But I also like it from a philosophical point of view because, as Nietzsche observed, that which is falling deserves to be pushed.
Pray for Doug that he might come to know Christ ... the final answer to life, sin, death and eternity. I love you Doug, but you need Jesus, and He loves and wants you. RB

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