Oct 6, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson And Barack Obama Have Just One Thing In Common...

Common Sense Commentary: They are both human beings. Even their manhood is more different than similar. The greatest difference in the two is Christian character. Carson has an immense amount of it and Obama has not a glimmer. Obama can claim to be Christian ten thousand times but, like Judas, his actions prove otherwise. Carson out shines any Democrat nominee and any common citizen Democrat I have known in my lifetime, and most Republican candidates as well. I say "most" because there are two or three other candidates who also have sterling Christian Character. Who is most qualified to be President, by experience, knowledge and temperament is another side of the question, but I would rather have an honest, Constitutional patriot, surgeon  as President than a highly experienced, dishonest, anti-constitution, political hack. That doesn't mean I have made up my mind, at this point in the campaign, as to whom I prefer. It simply means he is a man I like and admire.  I am still listening, analyzing and praying the right man, God's choice for this critical time, will be nominated.

Here is a message from Ben Carson:

Let me say it bluntly: America was built on Judeo-Christian values.
We've become a great nation, the greatest on the planet and perhaps the greatest in history — because of these values.
The P.C. police that dominate the media are at war with our values.
Recently, I have come under intense criticism for defending those values.
I won’t back down because I have no interest in being like everybody else.
I will not give away our values and principles for the sake of political correctness.
As president, I will fight for the values that made America great.
I am fighting for those of us who believe in the American Dream and the American Way.
Anybody is welcome to come to America, but they should come to live as Americans. They are not allowed to change our way of life, our freedoms, or our sacred Constitution.
I would support any person as president who believed in the Constitution and defended it.
I would never support a candidate who supported Sharia law, or any Muslim who failed to denounce Sharia law.
Sharia law is antithetical to our Constitution and our freedoms.
The P.C. crowd doesn’t like to hear this.
Frankly they don’t like me or my campaign.
But, this campaign is about more than me. It is about the direction this nation is heading.
We need to take a stand and fight.

To that I can say amen. RB

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