Oct 22, 2015

Just One Tiny Seed Irrefutably Testifies. Plainly.... "Creator"

Common Sense Commentary: If there was nothing else in this infinite universe but one small beam of light or one star or one tree, flower, bee or seed, any one of these things would prove beyond any doubt ... the existence of a Creator. One seed has within its hard protective shell the tiny, quiet, hidden but infinite power to reproduce a bush, tree or plant with hundreds or thousands or millions of seeds like itself, "after its kind" Gen.1:11. And, each one of those tiny seeds has that same power within itself so that each seed compounds itself, in one year, to become dozens or hundreds or thousands more seed just like itself. Just two years later that one seed has become thousands or millions. The third year it has become billions and then, quadrillions. Those seed which fell on fallow ground germinated and grew to produce an endless, continuous lineage of itself. The rest were eaten by insects or birds ... but where did birds come from? Where did soil come from? Where did air come from? Where did water come from? Today I saw a tiny red bug the size of a grain of salt, just this side of human vision. It was hurrying along on its many legs with a certain destination in its still smaller little brain. It had eyes I could not see, and a functioning digestive system and some means or reproduction. All of those created miracles, in the infinitesimal category, prove conclusively a Creator. How much more do the infinite things, on the other end of the spectrum, prove a Creator? The Universe, the Milky Way composed of billions of stars, each millions of times larger than the earth .... oceans, forests and people. So how did all of those marvelous miracles happen? To say it accidentally happened is to blindly ignore a miracle as big as the universe itself and to confess yourself as spiritually and mentally destitute. There is absolutely no other logical, no other reasonable answer except ...... a Creator .... God. And even if you do not believe in Jesus Christ as God's Son, an extension of Himself from heaven and Savior of sinners; if you have an ounce of logic, a modicum of reason, you must believe in a Creator. And the reality of a Creator presents the certainty of our accountability to Him. And that is the reason for rejection of a Creator and of the enormous illusion of the evolutionary, happenstance theory. Which is beyond ridiculous. RB

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