Nov 1, 2015

Foot Race Crawling

Common Sense Commentary: Common sense will take the day off for this blog.

I have been young all my life until recently when I awoke, looked in the mirror to see if it was still me or somebody else. The old man in there accused me of being older than dirt and said, "If you ain't old who is?" Well, I ran through the list of old people I know in their sixties and seventies, but couldn't find but one really old guy, older than me ... Fred Good. Now Fred and I have been in a 100 year dash, running, walking and stumbling neck and neck since we were in our early thirties. This  year, the race was to the 85 year mark, and again Fred has beat me there by one step. Fred is a real competitor and a fleet of foot stumbler. People have secretly informed me that they have seen Fred walking, stumbling, weaving and staggering down the streets and sidewalks of his neighborhood for many years ... which is unfair cheating cause I don't do no such underhanded stuff like that ... in public. Fred has accused me for years of doing my stumbling, weaving and staggering in private and "walking like John Wayne" in public. I will neither confirm nor deny that charge, but something similar has been known to happen.

Anyway Fred has beat me agin this year as he crosses the 85 year mark first and makes me look older and slower than he is. Fred, if you hear that I accused you of cheating, it ain't so; its just vicious gossip, but it does look like you are getting older faster than me and will cross the 100 year line ahead of me, and win this foot race crawling.  Your Younger Friend, Rayburn ... Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday Frederic


Rex Blair said...

Interesting how the gap closes, the older you get.
When Dad was born, Dec 24th, Fred was approximately 60 times older than Dad. ( Assuming Fred is two months older)
When Dad turns 85, Fred will only be less than 1/2 of a percent older than my Dad. At that rate of closure, it would be logical to conclude that Dad would crawl, albeit slowly, across the 100 year finish line ahead of Fred by a nose.

Ron Blair said...

These two great friends would've won every 3 legged race they entered. Not only across the goal line, but in determination, character and integrity.