Nov 17, 2015

Here Is The Beastly Face Of Anti-Christ

Common Sense Commentary: For years I have wondered how it would ever be possible for Islam to Integrate with Europe, in conjunction with the Roman church, to fulfill the prophecies of The Revelation. Here is the sudden, "beastly", irreversible formation of the Kingdom  Of Anti-Christ, before our very eyes. Here is the wrathful, hate filled, lusting  "face of Anti-Christ". Restoration of Europe is now impossible. And our President is setting America up to be part of it. It is done, so prepare yourself, in Christ, because it will only get worse til Jesus returns in a final defeat of Satan and sets up His own holy Millennial Kingdom. Beginning now, true Christians will be persecuted ... but then raptured  from the 7 year Tribulation period. Do not bypass the following video. You need to know. You must know. RB


Ron Blair said...

God help us!! Revelation is being fulfilled right before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

You ain't kidding! Great video for those with their eyes still shut. Throughout the book of Deuteronomy, you will notice a constant phrase, and that is God telling the Israelites that they must "purge the evil from you." If you check out Deuteronomy Chapter 28, starting at verse 15 (Curses for Disobedience) through verse 68...Wow! I know this was written for Israel, but it sure does seem to apply for what is now going on in Europe. Just look at verses 32-35, verse 41, or verses 43-44. Also check out verses 47-52...Wow! Are we not seeing this right before our eyes in Europe? You simply can't make this stuff up. God's Word will be fulfilled!

In Christ,
George (friend of Rex)