Nov 9, 2015

What The Bible Teaches And Human Conclusions Often Collide

 And when they do, you had better walk away from that wreck with your Bible in one hand and God's hand in the other.

Common Sense Commentary: You may not like guns.  That is your right. You may not believe in God.  That is your choice. But, if someone breaks into your home, the first two things you are going to do are... call someone with a Gun and Pray to God they get there in time. Be consistent ! To your own self be true. Be consistent !

Christians who say "We don't need guns, we just need to trust God to protect us", are inconsistent hypocrites if they have any kind of insurance, fire extinguishers, medicines, vaccinations, door locks or savings accounts... all "protective"  and "defensive" measures we all need and have.  So if these actions contradict what you say you believe, it is called a "double standard". Your belief denies the need for police, firemen, doctors or a military, all of which are there to protect us. If your actions contradict your professed belief, it is hypocritical. We must be consistent with our actions in harmony with our beliefs. Be consistent.

Before you embrace a cause that sounds reasonable, on the surface, consider the wider ramifications of that "surface" conclusion. Be consistent! Remember the armies of Israel, of which God approved, for the defence of the nation, in the Bible. Why didn't they just "trust God" to protect them without an army? Remember the wisdom of David when he "shot" the giant with his sling "shot". Why didn't he lay aside his weapon and just "trust God" to defeat the giant? Because God uses human instrumentality to accomplish much of His will on earth. Remember the wisdom, realism, practicality, self protection and defence admonitions of Proverbs. Remember that the Apostle Paul who believed in divine healing ... but chose a doctor, Luke the physician, as his traveling partner. And remember that Jesus told His disciples ..."... He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." Luke 22:36. Why... if you trust God to protect you? Because God expects us to be prudent and self reliant in every way possible, and to trust Him for protection we cannot provide for ourselves. Be consistent ! Drive your car safely and don't expect God to govern your speed or put on your brakes to avoid an accident. Be consistent.

We must be consistent in every major issue such as the Constitutional "right to bear arms", the "right to life", the "sanctity of marriage", and even who to vote for. All of our decisions should be analyzed in the light of Holy Scripture and what is consistent with the God of Scripture. 

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