Nov 29, 2015

Just Stand Your Ground And Stay On Your Knees. ...That's Hard Enough To Do

..... during this age of insanity.

Common Sense Commentary: The age of insanity has driven Common sense underground with a backpack of ammo, arms, canned goods, Bible. a copy of the Constitution and a candle. The world is coming unglued, but so what? It is not this world we are depending on here or looking forward to beyond the grave.

Advice for today... learn quickly... 
Cut expenses, save your money and follow the guide lines of the Great Depression during the 1930's ..... Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without ..... but vote, speak up, and then rest in the Lord and leave the future up to Him. We really can't do much about it anyway, but He can. The only thing I am certain of is Him, His word, His promises, His grace, His love, His soon return and His eternity. Focus on Him and not this messed up world. We really can't fix all the errors, lies, injustices, and evil around us. We can stand against it, but only God can fix it.... but why should He?  If you worry and fret about it, you will eventually find yourself in a contorted, twisted configuration resembling a knotted up cord. Do what you can do and then rest in the Lord. Don't try to keep your ear to the ground ... your eye on the ball ... your nose to the grindstone ... your chin up ... your shoulder to the wheel ... your hands busy and your feet on solid ground ... while holding your tongue, tightening your belt and pulling your neck in.  If you can't visualize that, your brain is in good shape and you are ahead of the game.

Just stand your ground and stay on your knees. That's hard enough for any one Christian to do.... at the same time. RB

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