Nov 23, 2015

The Demon Demographic Determining The Fate Of Nations ... Atrocities Result In Monstrosities

Common Sense Commentary: The problem, as God sees it, is sin, but as politicians see it, in Europe, China and America it is demographic. The growing number of retirees and the shrinking number of young tax payers is making it more and more impossible for these governments to meet their promises and obligations to retiring seniors etc. For years our politicians have wrung their hands about how to heal Social Security/ Medicare from its death throes. At the same time, they have borrowed so much money they can't pay back their national indebtedness except by printing more and more money, causing inflation, and by the Federal Reserve Bank locking down interest rates to zero or 1%. So retiring seniors are now earning about 1% interest on their retirement accounts and can't live on 1%, so they have to keep working a job til they drop dead.

What has created this demographic monstrosity of needing more young tax payers, I will share with you in a minute. But first, the result of it, in America and Europe, is that politicians, desperately needing more young tax payers, have opened their national doors to foreign immigration which has exploded with "war" and "dictatorship" refugees and terrorists. This, plus the Muslim doctrine of "migration integration" into other non-Muslim nations to influence or force Islam on them and the whole world. Thus, the Islamic millions of young, strong, poor and angry Muslim Religious fanatics are flooding into Europe and America ... without resistance from the welcoming politicians. The Central American and Mexican flood of children and young adults into the U.S. is happening for the same reason ... more tax payers. The flood of Obama's Muslims is different. "Conspiracy" describes that horde. The fallacy of their plan is that these poor, uneducated pseudo "immigrants", is that they are getting more tax dollars from the governments than they are paying in, and their crime rate, exceeding the norm, costs even more.

Now, the root cause of this shortage of young tax payers in Europe and America.
The evil seed of this rotting root is "Social Planners", but the root, of the problem, is this ... 42 years of the extermination of approximately 60 million babies in the U.S. alone, and probably as many in the Euro-zone. So the acquiescence of our European and American politicians, to the illegal entry of aliens, is due to the fact we have been losing our tax base due to abortion. Since Roe v Wade in 1973, mass abortions have caused a demographic crisis of increasing numbers of elderly retirees and a decreasing number of younger wage earning, tax paying citizens.  As with all other unnatural social planning actions, taken by governments, this one too has backfired and we are all suffering for it.

China has just this month, finally awakened to the dire consequences of their "One Child Per Couple" policy and aborting the rest. For 36 years the Chinese government has forced abortions on mothers who already had one child. Now, suddenly, because of social media like Facebook, blogs and email, a picture of a bloody mother and her bloody, dead baby has stirred up mass outrage and rebellion in China. That, plus the fact that the government itself was already worried about their shrinking base of tax payers and increasing number of retirees, they have, therefore, just terminated the "One Child" law. Atrocities always result in monstrosities.... Murder millions of babies and you murder future workers and tax payers which leads to a dying nation. We are there now.

So, again, God's word resonates across the world ... "Whatsoever we sow that shall we also reap".... "The wages of sin is death ...." 

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