Nov 19, 2015

Today's Headlines Answer The Question ... "Why"

Common Sense Commentary: So why is a guy like Trump still rising in the polls? It can't be his angry face, his interesting hair, his political experience, his debating ability which is poor, his home city of New York, his $Billions which "turn off" the average voter?? What? Simple answer: He shares the anger of the average voter and isn't afraid to tell the President and Politicians to "Go to and stay put". He has become the boisterous, angry voice of resistance and opposition to the status quo, without finesse, compromise or diplomacy. He has little to commend him except making money, fearlessness and speaking his mind. Voters get the impression he will literally kick people out of office, shoot down terrorists without a trial, expand Gitmo, bomb the devil out of ISIS, deport illegal aliens, outlaw Sharia Law, and slam our open door in the face of Muslims. But will he be and do what his fans think he will? Maybe ... by Executive Order but not through Congress unless many of them get voted out one year from now.
Here is a sample of today's headlines. RB

From The Hill News Service

Trump rises in wake 

of Paris attacks

By Niall Stanage - 11/19/15 06:00 AM ES
Donald Trump has gained political strength since the Paris terrorist attacks last Friday, according to most of the polls released in the aftermath. Trump’s gains show him once again confounding Beltway wisdom, where the widespread view was that such a grave event would lead voters to look toward White House candidates who are purportedly more mature and sophisticated than the erstwhile star of “The Apprentice.”
My question was "Why?"
Here is the part of the answer 
in today's headlines....

New York Post

Syrian community leader: 

ISIS is already in America


From Bret Bart News




UPDATE: The Department of Homeland Security 
(DHS) has confirmed that eight Syrians were taken 
into custody at the Laredo port of entry. 
From Refugee Resettlement Watch
In first six weeks of 2015 we resettled 827 Somalis; all but one are Muslim
Posted by Ann Corcoran on Nov. 17, 2016
As I mentioned in my post this morning on governors, while we are going crazy overSyrian Muslims coming into the US, the beat goes on with the resettlement of Somalis which we have been bringing for over two decades (once a resettlement starts it doesn’t end) and dropping them off in your states.
Top five ‘lucky’ states are Minnesota, Arizona, New York, Ohio and Texas.

Paris massacre ringleader used migrant crisis to get into France, PM says

The suspected mastermind of last week's Paris massacre, and some of the other attackers, had exploited the Syrian refugee crisis to slip into France unnoticed, Prime Minister Manuel Valls revealed Friday.
From Fox News

Obama Threatens To Veto 

House GOP Refugee Bill


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