Nov 18, 2016

A Bumper Sticker Is Like A Little "Stick On" Conscience

Live up to your bumper sticker

Common Sense Commentary: Here is another good word of advice, for Christian consistency, from our son Rex. For those of you who know Rex and would like to follow his comments, here is his Facebook address:

Interesting what happens with a bumper sticker....
In 2015 the Bay County Sheriff had the "In God We Trust" bumper stickers put on the back of all the Sheriff vehicles.
To support the Sheriff in 2016 I decided to put one on the back of my car.
While I was certainly willing to show my support of God and Country.(see the USMC tag) 
I didn't realize that it would change the way I drive.
You see, I'm not adverse to speeding in order to beat the driver next to me, to the upcoming red light or go around a slow poker a little too fast.
One day, I cut in front of a driver a little to close. Feeling a little guilty, I waved my hand to him in a "not to serious" act of apology. Suddenly, I realized the driver behind me was probably fuming, staring at my In God We Trust bumper sticker thinking..... Yep, another one of those self righteous, hypocritical, so called Christians.
It changed my perspective about driving.
I'm a little more respectful, a little more patient and hopefully a safer driver because of the bumper sticker.
I'm still working on it, but please don't pull up beside me and race your engine a little. The urge to win still races thru my body. God forgive me.

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