Nov 28, 2016

Our Son Rex Speaks To Trump, A UTube Message

Bring me men to match my mountains ...

Common Sense Commentary: If it weren't for the Constitutional provision of the Electoral College,
to prevent absolute power and continual, national control by the mega city states, Conservatives would never win another Presidential election. Here is a list of the states with at least 12 electoral votes in the order each has. Some are a tie. (California-55) (Texas-38 Thank God for Texas) (New York-29) (Florida-29) (Penn-20) (Ohio-18) (Mich-16) (Georgia-16) (N. Carolina-15) (New Jersey-14) (Virginia-13 Bureaucratville) (Washington state-12).

Most of the really large population centers are in cities within these states and most of the large cities vote Liberal Democrat, receive most of the gov. largess, and vote for the Party which gives the most Socialist, tax $ to them.

Our son Rex sends the following UTube to President elect Trump. Rex is a Christian, a vet, a grandfather, and a Conservative Patriot. He also has a lot of Common Sense. RB

Watch Rex's YouTube here....

Come back and read....
The Coming American by Sam Walter Foster

The Coming American 

Bring me men to match my mountains,
Bring me men to match my plains,
Men with empires in their purpose,
And new eras in their brains.
Bring me men to match my prairies,
Men to match my inland seas,
Men whose thoughts shall pave a highway
Up to ampler destinies,
Pioneers to cleanse thought’s marshlands,
And to cleanse old error’s fen;
Bring me men to match my mountains –
Bring me men!

Bring me men to match my forests,
Strong to fight the storm and beast,
Branching toward the Skyie future,
Rooted on the futile past.
Bring me men to match my valleys,
Tolerant of rain and snow,
Men within whose fruitful purpose
Time’s consummate blooms shall grow,
Men to tame the tigerish instinct 
Of the lair and cave and den,
Cleanse the dragon slime of nature –
Bring me men!

Bring me men to match my rivers,
Continent cleansers, flowing free
Drawn by eternal madness,
To be mingled with the sea 
Men of oceanic impulse,
Men whose moral currents sweep
Toward the wide, unfolding ocean
Of an undiscovered deep –
Men who feel the strong pulsation
Of the central sea, and then
Time their currents by its earth throbs –
Bring me Men.

God honoring real men are the greatest need in America. RB