Nov 4, 2016

Our Son Rex's Big Fish Story In A Kayak In The Gulf Of Mexico

Common Sense Commentary: After hearing Rex's experience, while fishing in the Gulf, I asked him to write it for my blog. Char's brother, Ross Law, took a picture of the incident. I saw the picture but rarely will pictures hold on my blog. Anyway, you can take my word for it.It really happened.  Rex has a witness and besides he isn't given to lying or exaggeration. A "Believe It Or Not" experience. RB

Here is the story in Rex's own words.

My brother-in- law, Ross and his wife Nancy, came to visit Char and I for a week the last week in September.
Ross is an avid fisherman so one morning he and I loaded up my two 11' kayaks in the truck and headed to the beach.
We put in at Lake Powell, a dune lake, paddled across to the beach and slipped into the gulf to do some saltwater fishing. It was a beautiful clear morning and the water was crystal clear. 
We had been fishing for about an hour, catching the occasional fish when I suddenly hooked into a nice blue fish. The drag on my light tackle was singing as the fish cut back and forth desperately trying to throw the hook. All of a sudden out of nowhere a dolphin sped under my kayak and began chasing the blue fish. The blue fish went into a frenzy trying valiantly to get away from the dolphin. My kayak was being turned back and forth as I fought to get the fish in my boat before the dolphin could get him.
I actually managed to get the blue fish close enough to the kayak to reach out, grab the leader and pull the fish into my kayak. The blue fish is now flopping all around the bottom of the kayak and I'm trying to get one of my feet on the fish to keep it from flopping back into the gulf. I finally get control of the blue and pick it up to admire it.
I sensed something to my right and looked that way. The dolphin is within 18" inches of me with it's head sticking out of the water looking dead into my eyes. I didn't know what to say or do. I'm sitting there looking at a fish that appears to be as big as my kayak asking me for the fish I had just managed to get in the kayak. The dolphin continued looking at me, literally begging for the blue. Frankly, I wasn't sure what to do next. The thought occurred to me that the dolphin was actually close enough to come in the boat and take the fish right out of my hand. I looked at the dolphin and said, "you are not getting this fish." I lifted the fish over my head and instantly the dolphin came surging straight up out of the water reaching for the fish. The dolphin missed the fish and clamped down on my wrist watch and then instantly let go realizing he had missed the fish. 
He settled back into the gulf, begged a few more times and then silently slid under the kayak and parked there. I looked over at Ross about 40 yards away and see that he has had his phone out taking pictures of the whole episode. "What do we do now?",I ask Ross. We decided to try fishing a little more.
Shortly, the dolphin eased away from the kayak and disappeared. A couple of minutes later I hooked a nice lady fish and you guessed it, this time the dolphin got the fish. We now realized we were working for the dolphin and a couple of his friends, who had showed up for the easy pickings.
Ross and I decided to head home with a fish story that few would believe if it hadn't been for Ross's quick thinking.

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