Nov 23, 2016

Thanksgiving In The Taebaek Mountains Of North Korea At 30 Below Zero

My most memorable Thanksgiving ... 66 years ago

Common Sense Commentary: The turkey and dressing was hot when it left the field kitchen pan, warm when it hit my mess gear, cool at the first bite, cold at the second and frozen at the third. But we 12,000 Marines had more to be thankful for than the 150,000 Chinese Communist soldiers surrounding us. All they had was a ball of heavily garlicked, cooked rice in a cloth sock ... frozen solid. We also had the best winter clothing, the best sleeping bags, the best weapons, the best leadership and the best cause ... saving South Korea's freedom and stopping atheistic Communism from world domination. RB

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On Thanksgiving Day 1950, American-led United Nations troops were on the march in North Korea.  Holiday meals were distributed, and hopes were high that everyone would be home by Christmas. Days later, the American troops found themselves surrounded, outnumbered and at risk of annihilation at the Chosin Reservoir. 

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Rex Blair said...

Thanks Dad for the willingness to fill the gap as all patriots have throughout our history.
Semper Fi isn't just a slogan to you. You've lived it.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Blair,
I am thankful for you and Mrs. Betty. I am grateful to have you as a former pastor , who taught me much.

God bless,

Steve Good