Nov 25, 2016

Has Jeb Bush Changed Horses Or Turned Forward In The Saddle?

Common Sense Commentary: Could it be that the Bushs having had a rude awakening that it is futile to beat their dead establishment horse any longer and are either changing to a live horse of a different color or had an infusion of horse sense and have turned forward in the Conservative saddle for a change? Here is a Newsmax article headlined with this zinger.... (My Comments in blue)

Jeb: GOP Should Build On Trump's Success
Established Republicans can learn from Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election and should build on his success, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush argues in The Wall Street Journal. (Looks like he has finally gotten over his hurt feelings at having his "Bush birth right" snatched from his hands. RB)
Bush, who was part of the crowded field of 17 Republicans vying for the presidential nomination, was often the target of Trump's arguments that Washington was broken — a point Bush makes in his opinion piece. (Could Jeb actually be seeing the light that the Republican establishment is terminally sick? RB)
And now, Republicans should hitch a ride on Trump's coattails and work to make his campaign promises a reality. (If he really means this, he may still have a future in government. RB) 
"This is our chance to contrast our approach, which trusts people to make good choices, with the failed Democratic and progressive top-down approach, which prefers government to decide almost everything," Bush wrote. (It is hard for me to believe a Bush could change directions so rapidly. RB)
"Most critically, Republicans should reverse the Obama-era policies that have made America weaker, both here and abroad. We need to repeal and replace Obamacare, eliminate business-killing regulations, and reverse the massive expansion of government. (Now he is sounding like a real live Conservative. RB)
"While we protect our borders and our laws, we should also take on the hard work of reforming legal immigration and affirming the role that immigrants play in building up our economy and our nation." (Draw a deep red line there, Jeb. RB)
Bush noted that Trump lost the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton, which shows the Republican party has some work to do if it wants to gain more support for future elections. Trump's overall win proved that Americans were ready for a change of leadership at the top. (I'm not sure we can ever win over many Democrats on the gov. dole, half the nation. Maybe we better concentrate on winning the Electoral College as we did this year. That is exactly why our Founders set it up. If it weren't for that, the Clintons would be President. RB)
"Republicans need to do more than oppose things. We have to be for a few big ideas and show that we can put them into action," Bush wrote. (The trouble is, the Republican Congressmen neither had "a few big ideas", nor "opposed anything". RB) 
Later, he wrote, "Republicans must restore our brand as the party of conservative ideals, shared prosperity, liberty and responsibility. We have to fuse the party to a modern conservative movement that speaks to 21st-century problems and produces 21st-century solutions." (You Bushes know a lot about destroying the "Republican brand and conservative ideals", you guys were in office when it happened. RB)
Bush said during the campaign he would not vote for Clinton or Trump in the election. (Not just Jeb, all three Bushs did their best to preserve the status quo and defeat the Conservative candidates. RB)
It would strengthen the Republican Party if all the Bushes Have the good sense and love of our Country to apologize to Conservatives and "hitch a ride on Trump's coattails and work to make his campaign promises a reality", as Jeb said above. RB

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