Nov 9, 2016

So What Will A Trump Presidency Look Like Four Years From Now?

Maybe the last Republican President in a one party nation.

Common Sense Commentary: "Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint." Prov.25:19
Many a person and nation has make the mistake of putting their faith in a hero, a champion, an intellect .... a man.... instead of in their Creator, God. Most nations have come to ruin by doing so. We must pray to our God for Donald Trump that he will turn to Christ in crisis and seek God's will and leadership for his presidency. If he does not do that, it is impossible for him to take us in the right direction.

OK, enjoy feeling like a winner and celebrate with your head in the clouds... where Trump's head perpetually resides. Breath deeply of that ratified air in those shinny white clouds... but keep your feet on the ground.  Trump may slow down the corrupt left wing agenda, but neither he nor anyone else can repair the immense damage they have already done to our country.... which has not even yet come home to roost. Hillary Clinton would have sped up the disintegration and driven the nation off the Democrat's Socialistic cliff. Thank God we didn't get her.

The problem Republicans have now is the Democrat and even Republican establishment, led by the Bush clan and Paul Ryan, dragging their feet against Trump's leadership. Besides that, he will most likely have only 4 years to completely turn around Obama's Democrat changes and "Make America Great Again". Since that can't be accomplished in 4 years, the mega promising, mega lying Democrats will probably be returned to the White House by that half of American voters on the government dole.

At least Trump will get to appoint, with Congressional consent, several Conservative Supreme Court Justices. For that, we can give God the glory and appreciation to all those patriots who are fed up with Democrats and voted this year swamping the cheating Democrats who vote illegal aliens, dead people. and rig voting machines. If those things hadn't happened, Trump would have won by an even larger majority. So Mr. President, as one of your top priorities, purge the voter rolls of over a million dead people, and prosecute the Clintons for their crimes and other Democrat's who rigged the election in their states. Clean house before your 4 years are up. There will never be another chance to do so.

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