Jan 18, 2017

A Black Panther And A Black Pastor Tell It Like It Is

Common Sense Commentary: The tide is turning. Blacks are beginning to awaken and arise out of
the Democrat hell they have been sold into by White, Left-wing Socialists and their own black leaders. In process of time all things change, from freedom back to slavery and then back to freedom.
The pendulum always reaches it zenith to the left, stops, and swings back to the right. History is a record of such changes in businesses, colleges, churches, governments and nations. Nearly every university began as a Christian School on the far right, stopped and swung back to the left. Most of them have gone as far as they can go to the left and again will stop and start changing back to the right. Here is an ex Black Panther who has done an about face, reversed course, saw the light, and is now swinging to the right with contempt for those stupid Democrat lackeys on the left. And then, below the first link below, is a second link of a black Pastor who has had all he can take of the ignorance and blindness of those on the Communist, Socialist and Democrat left. I see an awakening among blacks and a falling into the Devil's bed of slumber so deeply into oblivion, it is more like a coma where the logic, reason and common sense of reality has yielded to the nightmare of something for nothing and the fantasy world that led to the fall of Rome and many other empires. Thank you Lord for men and women of wisdom, conviction and courage enough to stand up and speak out. RB

Black Panther

Black Pastor

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