Jan 2, 2017

Chicago, You Won "Murder Capital" Fair And Square

Where God Is Left Out ... Satan Rules as when a midnight light is turned off, darkness rules.

Chicago Tribune Headline Jan.2, 2017  Reads
2016 ends with 762 homicides; 2017 opens with fatal Uptown gunfight

Data kept by the Chicago Tribune tallied at least 781 homicides for the year; the Police Department statistics do not include killings on area expressways, police-involved shootings, other homicides in which a person was killed in self-defense or death investigations.

So, Chicago, you are the winner of the title fight for "Murder Capital" City of the Nation and probably the world. Not counting the murder and mayhem in the entire nation of Syria. You won it fair and square as the Bible confirms ... "You have reaped what you sowed". Gal.6:7.

Common Sense Commentary: What makes every city and state differ from each other? I think it is primarily determined by the historic roots of each. L.A. has its Hollywood influence, New York City its Mafia, Detroit its Corrupt Democrat Politicians, Chicago its years of voter tolerance of Al Capone and the Richard Daily Political machine. A single person has often sown the seed of change in a city, state and nation for good or evil.

Richard Joseph Daley was the American politician who served as the 38th Mayor of Chicago for a total of twenty one years. Daley was the chairman of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee for 23 years, holding both positions until his death, and Chicago hasn't gotten over that corrupt administration to this day. Known also as the City Billy Sunday (a national Evangelist) couldn't shut down, Chicago's crime problem has grown steadily worse through the years and has reached its peak under Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, who was Bill Clinton's chief Adviser and fund raiser before he was elected Mayor of Chicago. His City Council of 50 Aldermen have historically all been Left-wing, Liberal Democrats until 2015 when a Left-wing Republican firefighter, with majority Union support, barely defeated the Democrat. So of 50 Wards, one Alderman is a Demopublican; the other 49 are Democrats. So now, the breeze which blew into "The Windy City" has become a roaring tornado of lawlessness.

As is also true with Detroit, Chicago's Democrat voters have kept Democrats in control of their cities
primarily because the Democrats promise the most free financial largesse and Left-wing, socialist programs than the Republicans, who are not much better up north than Democrats. It is very revealing that Barack Obama came to Washington out of Chicago were he was a key player in the corrupt Chicago Democrat Party. When he was elected President, America was also reaping what it has sown by mimicking  Chicago, Detroit, New York, Miami and Las Angeles, all of which vie for the Murder Capital title. Until we turn back to God, there will be no relief of hope and change.

So exactly what has Chicago sown to reap mass murder in their city? Its a combination of bad political seed, bad moral seed, bad financial seed, all of which are bad spiritual seed. Besides the deep political corruption, moral corruption, financial bankruptcy and general spiritual depravity existing among the majority voters, which elected such candidates as Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel and their City Council of 50 Aldermen, Chicago has betrayed Law Enforcement in general. Police in Chicago and most other large, Democrat controlled cities in the U.S. have been made the scape goats of an electorate's greed, political stupidity and spiritual poverty. Their harvest of crime and murder is two fold. Law Enforcement has been betrayed and emasculated while criminals, murderers, gangs and corrupt politicians have gained control of the power centers. Chicago, YOU have reaped what you voted ... what YOU have sown and so shall the rest of us.

Maybe If Chicago had another Mrs. O'leary milking her cow, a coal-oil lantern for light, in a stall, in down town Chicago, as was the case in 1871 when her cow kicked over the lantern and burned down the city in a conflagration .... a spiritual revival might break out in the murder capital. New York churches were full the Sunday after the 9-11 tragedy ... but it didn't last long. So maybe it will take a National conflagration.... God has all the tragic ways of awakening consciousness among us... of our guilt and disobedience. As national deterioration begins with a few, all revivals have begun with a few. You might be one of those few.

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