Jan 19, 2017

Dem's Lying Leftwing Root Grew A Poison Promise Vine

Common Sense Commentary: The Democrat Party's greatest flaw, and cause of Conservative rebellion is not the Clintons and Obamas, but dates back farther than that. Roosevelt's New Deal was partially justified to off-set the abuses of the so called Robber Barons. His Social Security program's flaw was two-fold. First, the Constitution did not give government that authority. Second, they ignored the propensity of politicians to change the rules over time. Social Security, as we were originally promised, would have worked pretty well til the end of time, but even Roosevelt wouldn't recognize it today. The hallowed Social Security funds are now being given to prostitutes, drug addicts, people too lazy or too fat or too inconvenienced to work. Actually those funds have long since been spent by politicians and replaced with $trillions in IOU's, and the money now being paid out has to be printed up, mailed out and spent digitally. There isn't a dime in the fund but our senile Uncle Sam is constantly begging more people to sign up for something extra labeled 'Social Security'
or "Entitlements".... a flat as a flitter lie. Social Security was supposed to be an insurance paid for by the participants and paid back to them when they got too old to hold a job, and is the only true gov. program which is an "Entitlement". Now, illegal aliens, new emigrants, and Popeye's obese friend, "Wimpy" qualify as "Entitled". Wimpy was the first American Socialist. His mantra was, "I'll pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today". Wimpy was a poster-boy for Socialism. Half of our citizens are Winpys and the other half are Popeyes. We Popeyes are paying today for Wimpy's yesterday hamburgers. Our Government is $20 trillion deep in borrowed money debt and $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities debt. More than anything else, it was the Roosevelt's New Deal, Kennedy's New Frontier and Johnson's Great Society. Thus far, the "Great Society" war on poverty has spent far more than any other war in history. Our Government has spent $22 Trillion of our tax money and borrowed Social Securtiy funds and borrowed from other nations over the life of the Great Society Program. that's $22 thousand billion, or $22 thousand thousand million, or $22,000,000,000,000. But it has failed. Thank you Theodore, Lyndon, Bill and Barack. Actually, they were not the problem, The real problem is those gullible souls who voted for them. RB

This from Wikipedia
The Great Society in scope and sweep resembled the New Deal domestic agenda of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Some Great Society proposals were stalled initiatives from John F. Kennedy's New Frontier. Lyndon Johnson's success depended on his skills of persuasion, coupled with the Democratic landslide in the 1964 election that brought in many new liberals to Congress, making the House of Representatives in 1965 the most liberal House since 1938. (Roosevelt was President. RB)
This from NBC News
Democrats: Left In The Lurch
The curious decline and uncertain future 
of the Democrat Party 

When President-elect Donald Trump replaces Barack Obama on January 20, the Democratic Party will find itself more removed from power than at almost any point since the party’s creation.

Scorned by the same voters who once embraced the New Deal, built the Great Society, and put their hope in the nation’s first black president, Democrats are now locked out of power in Washington and out of two-thirds of state legislative chambers across the country.

Simply put, Democrats’ once vaunted coalition of the ascendant — younger, multiethnic, educated, and urban — failed them in 2016, and in 2014 and 2010 before that. That coalition proved to have major handicaps, part demographic and part geographic, that have been hollowing out the party for years.

Democrats may find cold comfort in Hillary Clinton’s nearly 3 million popular vote lead and the fact that more people call themselves “liberal” than ever polled. And they can, and do, fairly protest a system of representative government that allows the government to be so unrepresentative of the popular vote. But it will be up to Democrats to solve their own problem within the current rules.

Source: Carl Klarner, Paul Levande (xenocrypt.github.io), National Conference Of State Legislatures “You can’t say that the Democrats are at their absolute historical nadir because you can’t be at your absolute historical nadir when you win a popular vote majority,” said Tom Schaller, the political scientist and author of the book “Whistling Past Dixie: How Democrats Can Win Without the South.” “But you have a knife’s edge balance between the two parties and the knife is tilted towards one party for various structural reasons.”

Future demographic changes should eventually put Democrats back in the White House, but that will do nothing to solve their problems down ballot and could take more time than they can afford. To win again now, Democrats will have to beat their geographic disadvantage by holding together a diverse coalition that has already shown major signs of crackup.

Countless autopsies will be written of the 2016 election. Most will focus on the strategy and tactics of the Clinton campaign. But to understand how Democrats arrived in this mess to begin with....

EDITORIAL: The not-so-Great Society turns a rickety 50
LBJ’s grand experiment at 50 is but an expensive memory
President Lyndon B. Johnson announced his Great Society 50 years ago Thursday, and it was another date to live in infamy. The nation is much the worse for it.
Graduates at the University of Michigan were the first to hear Johnson publicly outline his grandiose scheme for federal intervention that would end poverty, feed the hungry, provide care for the elderly, knock down racial barriers, improve education and promote civic culture. “For in your time,” said LBJ, “we have the opportunity to move not only toward the rich society and the powerful society, but upward to the Great Society. The Great Society rests on abundance and liberty for all. It demands an end to poverty and racial injustice, to which we are totally committed in our time. But that is just the beginning.”
LBJ wasted no time pushing his ambitious and expensive agenda through a compliant Congress dominated by liberal Democrats. Over the course of a little more than a year, Mr. Johnson signed a raft of Great Society legislation, beginning with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Next came the Economic Opportunity Act, which produced the War on Poverty’s many offspring; the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the first federal incursion into education, and amendments to the Social Security Act creating Medicare and Medicaid health insurance programs.
Those graduates at the University of Michigan wouldn’t see the end of poverty in their time, but they saw their grandchildren saddled under a national debt now approaching $18 trillion. The Great Society welfare state entitlement programs remain the largest drivers of red ink at both the federal and state level. It gets worse as Obamacare, the inevitable capstone of the Great Society, kicks in (and “kick” is precisely the right word). 
That article was written about three years ago. The present cost of Democrat's Great Society is now $22 trillion. RB

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