Jan 20, 2017

Trump Winter White House In Florida Belongs To Him

He is going to live in his own house and no doubt vacation there. That should save us tax payers several hundred million as compared to Obama's half billion dollars spent on 35-40  vacations, with hundreds of D.C. entourage and a fleet of limos in 747's going with him.

If Trump can do for America what he has already done for himself, maybe he will make America great again. That is, if all these wild-eyed, loser, Socialist Democrats don't get hung up in his ocean liner's propellers. They remind me of a ship-load of Black Beard's grimy, one-eyed pirates trying to board an aircraft carrier with swords and clubs before their old sea-scow sinks and drags them down to Davy Jones' Locker as fish-bate. You Democrats mark it down in your ship's log .... Your sun will set within 10-12 years. You may get to name your little life-boat "USS Constitution". 

I don't have a great love for Trump, but neither did I have a great love of a few Top Sergeants I have known who won wars and drug me  along with them. But when they got me home alive and in one piece, they became some of my favorite people. I may learn to love this man. We will see. RB

This Report From Politico
Trump dubs Mar-a-Lago, FL. 

the new 'Winter White House'

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