Jan 26, 2017

Speaker Paul Ryan, Hast Thou Seen The Handwriting On The Wall

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Common Sense Commentary: Most of the "Accurate and Good News" in America today is not found in the Main Street Media, but in the Country Road sources, internet blogs and Conservative talk show hosts. The two Ivory Tower, Liberal, Socialist main of the Main Street Media, the New York Times and the Washington Post seldom print a sentence which is not biased to the left. And, of course, the Major News Networks of the airwaves, CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN are as warped as the print media. Here is a sample of real news put out by The Angry Patriot. Their name is accurately titled. RB

This from The Angry Patriot

Paul Ryan Just Gave Trump 

Some Interesting News

House Speaker Paul Ryan just gave Donald Trump, and by extension, We the People, some truly incredible news. The president’s plan is moving forward at warp speed!
Representative Paul Ryan invited President Donald Trump to address a joint session of Congress on February 28. The formal invitation was issued during a news conference on Capitol Hill earlier today, Politico reports.
The move by Ryan signals a strong willingness from Congress to work hand-in-hand with Trump. Liberal pundits and career politicians said this would never happen if Trump were elected, but they didn’t predict Republican control of the House or the Senate either!
Democrats, thanks to the short-sighted efforts of Harry Reid, can do nothing to stop most of President Trump’s efforts as long as the GOP remains on his side.
The landslide Electoral College victory the American people gave to our messenger sure seems to have motivated members of Congress.
The nuclear option took away the need to have a super majority — 60 votes. The Senate can now override a rule or precedent by a simple majority of 51 votes, which the GOP has as long as no one defects to the Democrat side on an issue.
Paul Ryan appeared giddy as a school girl when the election results finally finished trickling in during the wee hours of November 9. Ryan knew that having a Republican in the White House and holding majorities in both the House and Senate meant the GOP could finally gets its agenda done and quickly.
During the first several votes on President Donald Trump’s nominees, even a few Democrats voted to approve the well-qualified candidates. Only Kentucky Senator Rand Paul defected from the party line on a vote.
If they choose to do so, the Republicans in Congress could extend the nuclear option to include Supreme Court nominees. When asked by Fox News host Chris Wallace if the GOP would do just that, Mitch McConnell, as always, chose his words very carefully. “The nominee will be confirmed,” was about all McConnell had to say on the subject.
The GOP leader appears to feel very confident Congress will support the president’s justice nominee and vote to improve him or her without fuss. Currently, only lower court federal judges can be confirmed with a simple majority of 51 votes. “I expect an outstanding nominee sometime soon,” McConnell added.
Democrats are in for a long four to eight years. President Donald Trump is moving full steam ahead despite liberal protests and continued attacks by the mainstream media.

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Rex said...

We must thank God for the mercy He has shown us by hearing our urgent pleas on behalf of our country.
We must also continue to hold up the President, cabinet and congress to our Heavenly Father asking Him to bestow wisdom and grit on them in the face of the onslaught from the left.
I still thank God everyday for His mercy in hearing the millions of prayers from Christians across this country.