Dec 19, 2015

Email From Jim Storey's Brother On 1950 Telegram Of Jim's Death

Common Sense Commentary: Ten or twelve years after Jim's death, and after I had returned home and was pastoring my first of two churches, I finally got the grace and courage to write his family, send them Jim's extra dog tag, which I had kept in my pocket ever since, and tell them how it happened. His mother had my letter published in the local newspaper, as a news story about Jim. The family contacted me and asked if I could visit them in Indiana. Bettie and I drove to their home soon after and they took us up to the cemetery where Jim was buried, overlooking the Ohio river, if I remember correctly. I have been in contact with the family off and on ever since, mostly with his sister Darlene, by email.

Jim's brother, Robert, Robert's son Rob, and I, communicate regularly now, mostly on Conservative political issues, by email. Below is Brother Robert's response to my blog post this week concerning The Battle Of Chosin and Jim's death. RB

From: Bob Storey
To: Rayburn Blair
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2015 7:41 PM
Subject: Re: Battle Of Chosin: 17 Day's When I Became A Man 65 Years Ago In North Korean Winter

Thank you and our son, Rob, for reminding your blog audience of this forgotten war.  It was in late November of 1950 that I responded to a knock at the door at Dad's farm in a small community in Indiana.  There stood a police officer, his left hand holding his cap, his right hand holding a yellow Western Union envelope.  I asked him to come in as he handed me the envelope.  Mother, Dad, and siblings who were home that night came into the living room as I opened and slowly read the brief message over the tape signature of President Harry S. Truman telling our family that Jim, a brave Marine, had made the supreme sacrifice for his country.  A lot of good things came about as a result of what happened that terrible night.  Jim went home to be the Lord, and you, Rayburn, answered God's call to serve him as a minister of the gospel.  You obeyed and He used you in a mighty way in Tallahassee.  God moves in ways we mere mortals don't understand to accomplish his will.  Thank you for recognizing Jim in your blog.  Means a lot to his remaining family.  Bob

Thanks, Bob, it is one of the greatest blessings of my life to have had Jim, and now the Storey family, as friends. God's best to all of you. Rayburn

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Ron Blair said...

Another example of how one life can impact many others!!