Dec 2, 2015

The 1.2 Billion Member Counterfeit Of Christianity... Mohammed's Islam

Common Sense Commentary: Some say if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ... it's a duck. Not so. It may be a Vulture in disguise or a chicken in drag. Satan's primary occupation is counterfeiting Christianity on the one hand and infiltrating the real thing on the other. But Jesus promised ..... "...upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matt.16:18. He knew Satan's "gates of hell" would attempt it. One of his weapons of war is religion .... counterfeit religions.

According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia.... "...there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.[3]  Most of them have some similarity to Christianity but some are off the wall different. Mohammad founded Islam as a religion to compete with Judaism and Christianity in 622 AD; that is, Anno Domini (Year of our Lord) after Christ and nearly 500 years after the New Testament was canonized as a whole in 150 AD. Mohammad, to give Arabs a "holy book" of their own composed the Quran and used the Old and New Testaments as source material to create a new religion ... Islam, which is drawn from Ishmael. Arabs date back through Mohammad to Ishmael the illegitimate son of Abraham by his wife, Sarai's maid servant, Hagar.

Wikipedia records the following ...Ishmael (Arabicإسماعيل‎, Ismā‘īl) is the figure known in JudaismChristianity, and Islam as Abraham's (Ibrahim) son, born to Hagar (Hajar). In Islam, Ishmael is regarded as a prophet (nabi) and an ancestor to Muhammad. He also became associated with Mecca and the construction of the Kaaba, as well as equated with the term "Arab" by some. Stories of Ishmael are not only found in Jewish and Christian texts, such as the Bible and rabbinic Midrash, but also Islamic sources. These sources include the Quran..."

This false, man made religion is primarily known as Islam. The adherents are Muslims, Mohammedans or Islamists. Islam is by far the most dangerous religion on Earth, with approximately one of every six people in the world a Muslim. A Muslim's religion covers every aspect of his life, his worship, food, politics, social, legal, work, economic, home and even a military component.
Islam consumes the entire life and soul of its followers. It is that false, devilish religion which drives all of its other facets and which recruits and creates the fanatical fervor required to motivate action to convert the whole world to itself. Without the fanatical religious element, it would die with time as a thousand other isms have come and gone.  It was created 622 years after Christ and claimed, counterfeited and perverted many Christian doctrines. It is a darkened mirror image of Christianity, but opposite, negative and of Satan, an evil religion. Islam gained most of its early converts by force of war, intimidation, slavery and high birth rates. Still today, those same methods are used to gain and retain its worshipers, whereas Christianity is of necessity voluntary, a free will choice or it is nothing. Jesus said, many times, "Come unto me", an invitation. Islam says, "You will bow to me and believe or I will kill you", a demand.  Islam is the absolute opposite of Christianity, Evil vs Good, False vs Truth, Satan vs God. More than any other it is the devil's religion. Lucifer tried to pass himself off as God, on God's throne, with all power, to be worshiped. Mohammad created Allah for the same reason. He molded Islam as a counterfeit of Christianity with a hell, a heaven, a bible, a prophet, a house of worship, a trinity, an ascension into heaven, an Arch-angel Gabriel, other angels, a Salvation, a Trinity, a resurrection, a Judgement day and a coming messiah named Mahdi. Muslims believe when Mahdi comes he will teach Jesus to pray, convert him to Islam along with Christians and kill all inhabitants on Earth who will not convert to Islam.

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