Dec 22, 2015

Old Age Has At Least One Advantage

While surrounded by a persistent, 
angry mob of old age liabilities ....

Common Sense Commentary: A reader asked me if I was not afraid of what this tyrannical government might do to me for taking them to task on this blog. At 85, Dec.24, I do not relish the inconvenience of an IRS audit or some other intrusion of the feds into my life. However, at 85, how much of my life can it cost an old coot like me if they drain out my last few months or years like burned out old motor oil? My viscosity effectiveness is down to about 3% and my sand content up to 97%. So I don't stand to lose much if I lost it all.... except my sand.

Anyway, at 85, I really don't give two West Texas hoots in hades what the jackal Liberals and hyena sociopaths in Washington think of me if they think of me at all. But, then, Politically Correct human bureaucrats don't have to think anything of their enemies, anymore; they can keep track of them with computers, like digital dollars. A computer program can filter out any particular group they choose to deal with, be it Christians and Patriots for punishment or  Muslims and Perverts for support. It is obvious our government is doing something similar to the way they keep up with terrorists, which means my name and maybe yours is being sequestered in an enemies file somewhere for future action. Any "future" I have left to give, in this world, is minuscule, and that is an "old age advantage". I can say anything I wish without fear of long-term retribution from Eric Holder type Attorneys General. I don't even care much, at this age, what anybody thinks of me except God. Not that He approves of everything I do or say. But my most important ministry, at this point in life, is to do my best to please my Lord, take care of Bettie, and try to say what needs to be said to whoever will hear it or read it.

What would really grieve me is, if the Left Wing Socialists and Political Correctness  muggers thought of me as one of them.

Someone put my wife on the Democrat's fundraising mail outs list. When she gets something from Hillary or the DNC, she is insulted they think she is one of them. I count their reproach an honor to be treasured. It could be that who a person chooses as enemies tells as much about their character as who they choose as friends. RB

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Ron Blair said...

Even old age has some "silver lining". Dad just mentioned some of them.