Dec 11, 2015

Update On Top Four GOP Candidates, Disgusting Democrats And Hypothecating News Media

Hypothecation is the practice where a debtor pledges collateral 

to secure a debt, or a third party (News Media) pledges collateral 

for the debtor (Democrats)

Common Sense Commentary: In today's America, the Liberal Media Loves Socialism and Agnosticism. Most (not all) Democrats are Socialists and Agnostics. Hillary is a Democrat ... So the Liberal Media loves her, hide, hair, warts and all. Nothing else matters to them; she is one of them. "Freedom of the press", in original constitutional terms meant, "freedom to print or broadcast all of the truth" whomever it hurt. But since there is no "truth judge", except Him who said, "I am the truth", and the "News" Media give Him no credibility, they print the news through the prism of their own flawed ideology ... not truth. Then they expect all of us to blindly accept it and believe what they say we should ... It is called "Political Correctness", according to them. NowTrump, whatever else he believes or says, does not bow to the Golden Calf  of News Media ... That is why so many  Republicans support him. He says what he really thinks, which is "Freedom of Speech", even if he is wrong on some of it. He is the quintessential example of "Political Incorrectness".  He goes even farther than I ... and that's hard to do. But anyone who is turned off by Rosie O'Donnell, Hillary and Pelosi can't be all bad, so I would vote for him before any Democrat, though I am an Independent.

I defend Trump's right to be critical of nearly everybody on the stage, but I don't really care for that personality characteristic. At 70 miles per hour, swerving in and out, I hope he shifts into second gear soon before even his most loyal supporters get sea-sick and jump for their lives. But, at least he is living up to his normal loose cannon reputation and says what he thinks... much of it right... as opposed to at least half of the other candidates

On the other hand, probably because it has served Trump so well in the polls, for Ben Carson and Marco Rubio to take up that double edged sword, is totally opposite to their modus operandi. Sarcasm, insinuation and insult just do not fit good ole Ben and  nice young Marco. I like them both, but they would be wise to use more positive methods than they are drifting into. There is room for only one New York street fighter in the GOP bandwagon. They are already in the top four in the polls and they didn't get there street fighting .... Trump did. Even though I like them both.  I like Trump for his anger... not his attitude ... because I'm angry too and wonder why every American isn't. But, Ben and Marco would be better served to take the tact of Ted Cruz and stick to the issues. Ted has set himself up to be either President or everybody's Vice-Presidential choice by not making any of the other candidate's supporters resent him. By criticising Ted, Marco and Ben lose Ted's supporters if the final fight is between Trump and either of them. I think Ben may be out of the running for the top spot, but would likely be a vice presidential choice by one of the other three. Marco is still a possibile #1, but his team wants to draw support away from Cruz by criticising him falsely. It won't work. All true Conservatives know that Cruz is the strongest Conservative up there. For Marco to accuse Cruz of being weak on immigration, national security, and anti-Israel is just not true and hurts Marco more for saying it than it does Cruz. Cruz is on the rise...just as he planned the timing and place.

As for the abortionist, same sex marriage, left wing, anti-Constitution, so called Democrats .... well ... I had better not use MY freedom of speech by saying what I really think about anybody who would align themselves with that bunch of ........ (You can write the last word of this post)

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