Dec 7, 2015

Why So Nervous And Jumpy, They Are Just Refugees

Who Simply Don't Want To Live Among Those
Who Believe As They Do. It Makes Perfect Sense

Common Sense Commentary: I agree with them. I don't want to live among those who believe as they do either. RB

Refugees From The Rattlesnake Kingdom
Joe Brown's photo.

Folks, these Rattlesnakes are in need of a home. They're refugees from the Rattlesnake Capital Of The World, pushed out by fear of snake hunters, invading common species and feral hogs. Just pick one out as your neighbor. Now, we think most of these are good snakes and won't bite you, but history has shown and we are sure... some of them, not real, true, religious rattlesnakes, will bite you without provocation. We can't tell you which of the snakes among the thousands are the ones that will kill you because they all came in together, look alike, and we can't tell which is which. We all know that rattlesnake profiling is wrong, illegal and wicked debauchery, so not to make a snake mistake, we will only pull out the elderly grandparent snakes who have canes and no fangs, but are responsible for the misdeeds of their young. In fact, statistics prove that rattlesnakes are only dangerous about 99 % of their lives, after age 3 days, when they are trained to seek out non-snakes for a bite. But, fear not, they won't eat you. So, our always politically correct, feral, federal government has promised to figure it all out, so don't worry about the really bad ones cause the majority of good ones only have the same ideology and only applaud the bad ones.... but have never bitten anyone themselves...yet. They are not all bad even though they all do have venom glands and fangs, we have been assured they are a peaceful folk. So who wants to give all these good snakes good homes, good jobs, good medical treatment, good security and ... good grief? After all they may not be rattlesnakes at all ... but fake snakes ... just looking for a home. Volunteers anyone?

To prove I'm not a raciest, I prefer mentally deranged, Atheist, Mexican drug pushers, some call "Wetbacks", but not me. At least they are Catholic. RB

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