Feb 17, 2016

Are You Intelligent, Honest And Agree With Me On This Question?

Common Sense Commentary: Here is an exercise in intelligence and  honesty discovery.

To prove you are intelligent and honest, I ask you Republicans, Democrats and Independents the question below the following statement ....

One American Political Party is supported by a vast majority, but not 100%, of the following categories of voters: News Network reporters, Unions, Hollywood play actors, advocates of open borders to illegals, the 45.3 % of US households who pay no income tax, abortionists, able bodied Medicaid recipients, prison inmates, drug pushers, homosexuals, bureaucrats, Socialists and Atheists.

My question is, which Political Party is it? ........ You see, you do agree with me and are an honest and intelligent Republican, Democrat or Independent. I only asked the question. You gave the answer. This is why I cannot vote for a member of that Party. If you are a member of that Political Party, which of the above categories do fit in? RB

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