Feb 22, 2016

Ronald Reagan's Plan For Fiscal Survival Before Calamity Arrived

A Stitch In Time Saves $90000000000000 Gazillion.

Common Sense Commentary: We know that "God" is the answer behind every unknown factor, every known fact and every question. But Jesus also dealt in immediate, human physical terms when He fed the 5000 with a little bread and fish, when He turned the water into new vine, when he said "cast your net on the other side", and when he pulled a gold coin from a fish's mouth to pay taxes. God filled the Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes with simple common sense lessons concerning seed, sowing, garments, labor, honesty, waste, frugality and "study the ant" wisdom. It's always best to have your feet on solid ground even if your head is in the clouds. Humility, Common Sense  and a Love For Labor is always better than Vanity, Formal Education and a Disrespect For Labor. "A stitch in time" sounds trite to an educated nitwit but it is a major rule of avoiding crisis in life and saving time and material.

We don't need rulers with a New World Order philosophy, but Humble and Sincere ones with Common Sense. They can hire Doctorates and Geniuses by the thousand, but Leaders need the ability to Reason, Perceive, Think, Analyse, Use Logic, Love the people and act only in their interests. Reagan came close to that.
He had a plan for solving mammoth problems while they were still small, but it was as yet too far-sighted for his advisors, geniuses, and doctorates to perceive. Here is that plan only recently brought to light. RB

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