Feb 24, 2016

Muslims In Australia Rioting And Screaming "Obama, Obama, We Want Obama"

Common Sense Commentary: So, Mr President,  just keep on telling us and the world that Islam is a "Peaceful Religion" and thereby revealing your secret soul. Historians know it to be the single most consistently violent religion ever to call itself a religion ... for nearly 1400 years. I think I am now understanding your propensity to side with the faith of your fathers as a strategic political move to appeal to the many Muslim nations and the 1.4 Billion Muslims in the world. It may earn you the Secretary General's chair of the United Nations when you finish off the United States, but though that is most likely your goal, and you may wind up as King Of The World, it won't last long and you will then stand before God and answer to the King Of The Universe. How ironic ... and even possibly Biblical, it would be for the King Of The World, to rise to the capstone, pinnacle of the despotic dictators' pyramid... only to fall to the furnace floor of the Lake of Fire. If you should possibly read this, I would be glad to come to D.C. to  explain to you the truth of the One God and Creator who is the Father of Jesus Christ.... but not Mohammad. RB.

"And ye shall know the truth, and the 
truth shall make you free." John 8:32.

 Video of Muslim Riots in Australia now....

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