Feb 16, 2016

Fred Good's And My Drive To The Arctic Circle

Common Sense Commentary: Of all the things my friend Fred Good and I saw and experienced on our three week, 10,000 mile drive, from Texas to the Arctic Circle and back, here he tells of one incident, and no doubt the most important one, of our adventure. I might add, while I drove, Fred sang every old cowboy song ever written, plus some, and kept me entertained with a hundred different stories. We slept in the back of that Suburban every night in some places where only Bears, Mountain Goats, Lunes and Camp Robber Green Jays live. As one old cowboy once said .... "It was quite a ride Fred". P.S.  What do you think about driving to the Panama Canal, Fred?

I believe it was in the early 90's that Dr. Rayburn Blair and I were driving to the Arctic circle in Alaska in Dr. Blair's Suburban. We were driving up a mountain road in North Dakota when we noticed a white Ford passed at a brisk speed with quite a smoking tail pipe . The drivers long blond hair was blowing through the left front window. Dr. Blair remarked that 'The little lady must be in a hurry. As we reached the mountain top and heading down we could see the white Ford parked with the hood up and black smoke coming from the motor. The person with long blond hair was bent over looking at the engine . We had passed the vehicle, but Dr. Blair turned around and said "We need to help the lady. .However, we found out that "The Little Lady" was actually a man . This happened many years ago, yet I remember his name because of what transpired. He told us that his name is Russell Liberman . He said that his car had blown a piston . He asked us to take him to the nearest town and he would call someone to pick him up. As we drove down the mountain Dr. Blair (to my astonishment) asked Russell if he had been in prison ?  He said yes "I just got out". Dr. Blair said, Russell, for some reason you have allowed other people to impress upon you that you are less that your brother. That you were borne with less. Russell, I want you to know that when you were conceived that there was millions of cells within your mothers womb that God could have created a whole lot of people, But God reached into the darkness of your mothers womb and from the millions of cells he picked you Russell. You are one of the greatest things God ever created !  As we came to stop in the next town, Dr. Blair led Russell to the Lord. As you are probably aware, the name Liberman is a Jewish name. Before we left Russell I gave him my business card and asked him to call if he felt like it .

We arrived back home from Alaska . About six monthsh passed. One morning I was told that a man was on the phone that we had given a ride in North Dakota. I picked up the phone an asked ,"Is this you,Russell" He said Mr. Good I can't believe you remembered my name. I am calling to tell you and Dr. Blair that I am reading the Bible and going to church. I am serving the Lord.

Maybe you can see why I remember the Name of Russell Liberman .

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