Feb 3, 2016

Success In Any Worthwhile Venture Is Relatively Simple... If Not Easy

Common Sense Commentary:
The formula for secular success may be accomplished by almost anyone...."if"... If one is willing to think, plan, work, endure, be frugal, render a service, believe and never quit. Whether they have superior knowledge or not, they will arrive at some measure of success.... eventually. The formula for spiritual success is the same, with the added, divine elements of prayer, sincerity, humility. and obedience to God's word. Failure requires no formula: simply do nothing, or as little as possible, except consume. The best remedy for laziness is starvation. If free supply of necessities is perpetual, failure is perpetual. But, given time, free supply is never perpetual. Every hour-glass eventually drains its last grain of sand ... to empty. Every hour, day, month and year finally ends. Every empire, nation, business, group or living thing runs its course ... from conception to opportunity to death. The only human endeavour which endures forever is that which is done in the name of and through the power of the eternal God, Jehovah. On this Earth ... that means things done for Christ. Absolutely nothing else will survive time and God's judgement. That which is Earthy is temporal and that which is Spiritual is eternal. As active, Christian, Paul, said, "And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly." 1 Cor.15:49. Think about it and then go out and do something worthwhile with your life.... and don't quit. Never quit. Jesus will call you when the last grain of your sand has drained out. Time is yours; use it, but don't misuse or abuse it. RB


Ron Blair said...

Absolute Truth!!

Thomas said...

Another Great Gem